New maps & Community map installer

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  • 30 Jul

The mapping community is happy to announce the release of 6 new maps !

Here is a teaser of the maps released today, congrats to Kenshin (Duelyard), Marel (Dining Hall), Squackety (Adamant), Teabag (Arena), Whym (Colosseum) and Yellowbentine (Kingsfall) for their awesome work in such a short period !

We are also releasing a community map installer !

D.Mentia has been working on a Map Installer that will auto-download and install the maps for you. This will greatly improve the way we share our files, and facilitate the life of players and server owners as it will also keep you informed on new maps and map updates.

Click here to download the community map installer (instructions under files):

For those worried about security, it is open source so you can check and compile the code by yourself if you wish to.

The maps files are also available here if you don't want to use the application, but you won't be notified when future updates and maps will be released :

Ps : We suggest you play the maps with shadow quality set to ultra. Well, everything at ultra if possible ! And music ON.

Feel free to join us :

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  • 30 Jul

You are killing it, guys. Keep up the good work.

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@2cool2care said:

Ps : We suggest you play the maps with shadow quality set to ultra. Well, everything at ultra if possible ! And music ON.

laughs in low-end
M'dude pls.

Cool jobs guys, noice but I find it weird to create Chiv map(s) tbh, I mean why ?

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  • 30 Jul

Good work, kudos for the whole effort! Some maps really look nice so far.

Arena: Looks nice, just the arena around the tree needs a bit of love, like a few small height differences (plus a bit of ground piling up near the walls) and different textures (gravel paths or similar) for the ground.

Adamant: The clip is too short to judge completely, but it looks too flat, too straight and too randomly placed.

Duelyard: Not too much going on there... it's a random castle box.

Colosseum: Pretty nice, I'd just replace the arena ground with sand or a well tiled floor. Watching the gladiators/fighters trip every meter instead of actually fighting wouldn't be too entertaining for a spectator...

Kingsfall: Video doesn't show enough, no idea what it's supposed to be so far. What I can say already is it has a bit too much lighting and shadows seem to be missing completely.

Dining hall: Interesting concept. Looks nice so far.

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  • 30 Jul

dining hall

what the fuck did you just bring upon this cursed land.jpg

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  • 30 Jul

Duelyard and Arena have promise but Arenas lighting is unplayable. Duelyard needs to scale some things down that are ridiculously huge. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE, BUILD YOUR LIGHTING. Also thank you for maps.

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  • 31 Jul

Is it just me or it's suddenly a big ping spike when fighting on every map from these?
Happens on both low and ultra shadows and only on custom maps so far.