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Losing Gold after buying items

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  • 29 Jul '19

One day ago I bought the popular head and the bar handle for the warhammer and it asked me if I am sure if I want to buy it I answered yes but suddenly my gold went down from around 7000 to 2000 that is way more than it costs and it would be nice if I could get it back it bothers me that I spent less gold than other people without the bug that are at the exact same exp. because I am an extreme perfectionist and just thinking about it makes me lose all the fun I have withe the game.

Knight 86 133
  • 1
  • 4 Aug '19

Hi, got this issue here too.

Buying items sometimes makes the popup open twice. First popup doesn't do anything and whenever you cancel the purchase if you click again to buy the item you'll pay twice the item.

Edit : apparently if you say yes to the first popup, and buy another item, you have your item. So it's an update issue I guess. But still you can buy it twice by mistake.

957 312
  • 7 Aug '19

just to be a smart ass "you buy item you loose money" but in all seriousness ive not had this issue ever

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  • 13 Aug '19

And it happend again with the Gothic legs this time I choose no as the second answer and like I expected the game did not buy it and I lost more time because of the gold that now is lost it took me almost 2 hours to farm for it.