Healing suggestions

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  • 26 Jul '19


I think you could rework how healing works and maybe take away some of the benefits you get from healing.
To me it feels like healing in general, but especially bloodlust is op.
The first 2 Ideas come from left 4 dead 2.

1) You can only heal up to 80 hit points after being hurt below that value.
This would make players weaker that were previously injured and healed after being close to death.

2) Movement speed debuffs on low health
In Left 4 dead 2 you're slower when below 40 hp. In Mordhau 40 is still a bit high, could do below 25? It will prevent low hp players from sprinting away. When you're badly hurt, your leg or torso slashed, we're still running at full speed which can be annoying. Many people pointed out it's not supposed to be a simulator, but a small debuff in movement speed (20-30%) would be a little more realistic and less infuriating in team fights or 1vx where people just run away while covered by their mates, heal and come back into the fight a few seconds later.

3) Reduce bandage speed
Right now, aid kits need more time to heal than the bandage and the bandage allows you to move slowly without aiming at the ground, while also being cheaper and mobile.

4) reduce overall health regen
Health regenerates pretty fast, especially with the tenacious perk. Could increase the cost or nerf for 50% instead of 66%.
I suggest reducing health regen by ~ 20% overall.

5) Bloodlust
Bloodlust should come with some kind of disadvantage. Either you have no life regeneration, or can't use armor, or has depletable stacks, or a cooldown.

6) First Aid Kit
There doesn't seem to be a limit on how many aid kits you can deploy. 4 med kits, like with the bear traps, should be enough.
Also, they're not removed when you change class, as are toolbox structures (and bear traps? not sure)
I have the feeling some people just have loadouts with 3 medig bags and switch for 1 death to deploy 6 bags for their team and themselves and then change class again.

7) Bleeding effects
Someone already suggested it in a form of a perk. Damage over time prevents health regeneration and can still apply after being healed by bloodlust.

8) Damage buffs
There could be more perks that buff damage like huntsman does, the best example I could think of is a blunt weapons perk that increases damage with blunt weapons against heavy armor.

These are many ways to tackle the healing Issue but right when I started I thought it was very unrealistic that we're healing up so effortless, even without tenacious perk. Any thoughts on that?

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  • 27 Jul '19

I'd wait with changes to healing until the game took a bit more shape. I hope for something like (a few) status effects, like bleeding or debuffs, which can only get healed via a medpack. Then you'd finally have some motivation to use those as a support player.

The only things I'd like to see right now:

  • Reduced health regen: That's really a bit too much. But that change has to go hand in hand with some general weapon balance, so that you don't have that many weapons with ridiculous damage output anymore (be it hand weapons or things like firepots and catapults)
  • Medpacks somehow highlighted on the screen: It's just stupid how you throw medpacks everywhere, but your teammates ignore them and just go dying instead. Not very rewarding when you get just 4 heals in a match as a character you named "Medic" and which carries 2 medpacks...
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