Front line sucks

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  • 24 Jul '19

I can't motivate myself to play when I know I'll just get stuck playing the same repetitive, boring, unbalanced frontline maps I've played dozens of times already.

I'd like to play and improve, but frontline bores me to tears. The mechanics can only hold the game up so much when the map and game mode design doesn't service them at all.

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  • 24 Jul '19

we know

I won't bash it too much, but I just hate dieing to RNG and meme crap.

Random archers potshot gets me

Catapult potshots

Horses from behind 1 shotting me

Flinched from horse then scrollwheel'd by shield rapier turtle boi

shield bois making 1vX boring as fuck

naked guy throwing firebombs

naked guy throwing javelins

gambled because everyones a noob and just keeps swinging

nobody really plays the objective

nobody defends a captured point ( literally no incentive to stay there, so once everyone waddles off to the next one naked
lute guy whips out from behind a house and caps it again, enemy team spawns there again zzzzzzzz)

RNG trebushits on camp


spear stab spammers

lute bois on horses

maps too open, too much space for massive clusterfucks of LMB and horses and firepots and garbage, need some tigher areas to fight in

grad literally only decent map

no incentive or reason for anyone to try flank/ take a path other than the one the entire idiot team keeps funneling themselves into

literally was with 9 team members fighting off like 7 enemies, and enemy horse comes flying through us and smashes his face into a wall. ENTIRE TEAM turns around and lmbs the horse, 2 blokes got teamkilled. The 7 enemies just stomped us, i just couldnt even turn my camera away from the absolute retardation lol and pressed end key and ragequit back to duels

nobody has any real reason to try work as a team (or incentive, cause you need rewards now to play as a fucking team )

half team is playing as naked rodents

would win more games if everyone was 3/3/3 greatsword



literally just the air is filled with flying shit you're basically filling your characters lungs with arrows and swords when he breathes never getting a decent amount of time using the games nice melee mechanics before you're sent to the respawn screen by random shit

absolutely just cannot have fun playing FL personally

1.4k hours spent like 40 out of those on FL rest on duels

sad times

end halfdrunk rant

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  • 24 Jul '19

lol i love the craziness of front line but i agree with soul about the problems

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  • 24 Jul '19

I agree that Grad is the best map.

The maps are so bad that picking a certain team on a certain map means your chances of winning are far greater. Mountain peak is probably the best example of that issue but any map changes seem to take months, people will just leave the game instead.

I always do auto join teams just to be fair, normally I get put on the team that's in theory weaker due to the map. 9/10 I will do auto join on Mountain peak and there's a space on the red team or taiga, a space on the red team, because they are getting crushed and people are leaving.

Had a match last nice and it was 15 vs 22. .

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  • 25 Jul '19

In a game where the skill and combat mechanic are the most important aspect of the gameplay.
Being thrown into a 64 players madness experience is the worst.

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  • 25 Jul '19

If you made depression, anger issues and mental retardation into a game mode. It's called Frontlines.

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  • 25 Jul '19

Please don't get me wrong guys, i know the maps have flaws and are quite one sided, but some of the time you will see the better players join the weaker side and it makes it quite interesting. But personally i dont find frontline that bad, yeah the random javelins or hore in the back can be annoying. Maybe because i only play a couple nights a week it doesnt frustrate me as much, i love the craziness of frontline though, there is just something about it.

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  • 25 Jul '19

What I'm waiting for---and I have to wait until my internet connection is faster---is playing Frontline with a group of friends and working as a team. I suspect, but can't yet prove, that teamwork would overcome any map imbalance.

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@Unlikely said:
What I'm waiting for---and I have to wait until my internet connection is faster---is playing Frontline with a group of friends and working as a team. I suspect, but can't yet prove, that teamwork would overcome any map imbalance.

good players use teamwork on the fly from my experience, which is really really sick once you and another random good dude just keep switching back and forth between targets & clear out an entire point by yourselves, all with pure intuition. u need someone who can see the matrix code though

the real problem with frontline is that it just becomes a farming simulator since all the good players don't wanna get farmed so they all stack one team lol

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  • 25 Jul '19

Frontline's kinda fun if you just want to screw around but if you're looking for a competitive experience, look elsewhere. What annoys me most are teammates. I can't count the number of times I've been in a 1v1 position or a group finishing off the last member of a wave just to be slashed and stabbed by teammates from behind to death. This goes double for Zweicopters. The friendly perk exists but somehow never gets chosen.

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  • 26 Jul '19

naked rodents are free kills to me and my thirsty zwiehander

front line is a cluster fuck of random deaths and stupid other sht

but no one else in my region plays TDM or skirmish or anything but frontline.

I am not getting bored of it. I enjoy the mindless slaughter. even if I get slaughtered a lot.
If my team is getting stomped, I try and break off and find some enemies that aren't in big groups.

You can't take frontline too seriously.
the objectives are pointless... even when you capture a point so you can spawn on it... you don't really spawn on it, you aren't that far from the original spawn point anyway.

this isn't chivalry where doing an objective was kinda fun and got you to the next section of the map that was almost like playing on an entirely new map.

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  • 26 Jul '19

I love it, I think it captures perfectly the crazy chaos of a battle, which by the way is not fair. If you don't pay attention and don't try to form a frontline, soon you find yourself surrounded by enemies.

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  • 26 Jul '19

you know what really triggers me

when youre playing blu on camp, you're walking towards the river and the environmental hazard trebuchets that go when you cap a point fly and kill you when you take 2 steps out of spawn