Your game keeps dying

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  • 24 Jul '19

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that is how bad is the state of the game.

And I think it’s fun to ridicule people who post grammatically incorrect statements. So please, stick around.

The title itself is wrong, "KEEPS DYING" ... Death is a property that happens once in a life time of an object.


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  • 24 Jul '19

it doesn't matter.
they got their money.

just like chivalry, there is still quite a large amount of people that are addicted to this combat and bloodlust.

i had friends in a large group playing every night.
now they are only once a week players.

I have started playing some other games but I always come back to mordhau for a few hours nearly every night because it's quick to get into and start killing and leave at any moment. it's casual and fun.

nope, it doesn't have 60k people on it 24/7, yes some free weekends and more frequent updates will keep people coming back to check it out but otherwise I am seeing loads of full servers everytime i play and i play sporadically and randomly

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  • 24 Jul '19

@Guard12082c34e08e494c said:
The game isn't dying. Its the fact that people that buy the game get turned off quickly because of its difficulty and high skillcap. People nowadays want instant gratification. When confronted with something that takes time and dedication to get good at they run away. This is made worse by the fact that there aren't any real "noob friendly" servers. The ones with "noob friendly" in the title are still populated with mostly high levels that only join those servers to shit on newbies. The new ranking system that is going to get implemented will allow newer players to actually compete against players their own level and gradually increase in skill rather than just get stomped to the ground all the time.

I thought ranked was only for 1v1.

Plus, let's be real, ranked will be full of smurf accounts and derankers.