Server Config Suggestion (disabling weapons, horses, siege, fun, QoL)

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  • 20 Jul '19

First, no, I didn't download the current server config and I don't know it's current features. I'm aware there's some kind of global damage multiplier.

What I suggest is adding a couple of lines that enable server owners to restrict certain weapons and more. If that already exists or parts of it, sorry, just ignore that part then. Players choosing a loadout with one or more of the restricted weapons cannot use them and get some message like: "The chosen loadout has a %weapon restricted by the server. Try another loadout or edit it."

The weapon list would look something like this, one line for each weapon.
enable_weapon_smoke 1
enable_weapon_lute 1
enable_weapon_fire 1
enable_weapon_rapier 1
enable_weapon_waraxe 1
enable_weapon_toolbox 1
enable_weapon_longbow 1
enable_weapon_zweihander 1

There could be all kinds of cool servers with restrictions: Melee only, Archers only, Bards server, or servers running all weapons but restricting lutes, toolboxes, shields, fire bombs, javelins, Zweihanders, you name it.
Gamemode wouldn't be called frontline but "custom frontline" for example, but custom options should also exist for the other gamemodes.
A bard only server would probably run custom deathmatch with low damage scaling because they don't want to play the missions.

Same for perks:
enable_perk_bloodlust 0
enable_perk_huntsman 0

(perk_enable is probably better for overview)

I'd really enjoy a server without bloodlust for once.

Could also disable friendly fire:
friendlyfire_enable 0

Also, please add this if it doesn't exist already:

autokick_vac 0 [Amount of Vac bans to kick, 0 means never kick]
autokick_nickname_custom_characters 0
autokick_nickname_url 0

Some people don't want people with 1 or more vac bans on their server, or people advertising some skins website, or adding weird symbols to their nickname.
More autokick related to another suggestion I made about logging votekicks with reason.

autokick_vote_kick_ratio 10 (kick all players that have been kicked from more than 10% of games via votekick)
autokick_min_kick_ratio 10 (only needed for "bad player" servers so they have a place to go and normal players aren't thrown into this hell)
votekick_disable 0 (1 for bad player servers and crazies)

Some people asked for word filters. Could include nicknames and have 3rd party server admins edit the word filters.
You can still apply word filter to official servers. It would help disabling word filters for your own server too.

word_filter_file badwords.txt
nickname_filter_file badnames.txt
autokick_badnames 1
autokick_badwords 0
censor_badwords 1


warmup_duration 60
freeze_time 10
respawn_time 10

Horses and siege:

horse_enable_spawning 1
horse_enable_stun 1
siege_enable_spawning 1 (Catapult, mounted ballista, mortar.. doesn't include toolbox ballista)
siege_damage_scaling 100

Fun with players and horses:

horse_maximum health X
horse_velocity_scaling 100
horse_gravity_scaling 100
horse_rotation_speed_scaling 100
horse_enable_fall damage 1
player_maximum_health 100
player_maximum_stamina 100
player_velocity_scaling 100
player_gravity_scaling 100
player_enable_fall_damage 1
player_fall_damage_scaling 100

global_time_scaling 100 (affects global movement speed, attack speed, projectile speed, animations etc)
global_gravity_scaling 100 (affects gravity additionally)

More weapons stuff:

weapon_fire_duration (seconds)
weapon_smoke_duration (seconds)
weapon_toolbox_object_limit 6
weapon_toolbox_object_health_scaling 100
weapon_beartrap_limit 4
weapon_firebomb_ammo 1
weapon_smokebomb_ammo 1
...bows, throwables...

Some of that, especially changing the ammo for some weapons is probably unnecessary but the more options you give people, the more fun people can have on a horse racing server in a world where horses can jump over spikes or an instagib server, where everyone has 1 health and 1 stamina. The possibilities are endless and it would allow new custom gamemodes to come into existence easier.


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  • 23 Jul '19

Imagine low gravity horse fights with no fall damage and only javelin on crossroads... Scoutzhorse hahaha
Let server admins make their own weapon sets and rules just by changing a number in a cfg line that would be really epic.

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  • 23 Jul '19

you are in the wrong place my friend, come to the modding and mapping community.

We live that low gravity battle everyday and its epic.


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  • 21 Oct '19

I think I'm still in the wrong place. But maybe times changed. It's almost been 3 months. Give custom options.

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中文是我專長 英文不是
請問如何在自己的伺服器上 限制 武器呢
Sorry, my English is not good. I am an Asian player.
Chinese is my specialty, English is not
I am communicating with you from google translation
How can I limit weapons on my server?
Can I only delete game information?

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  • 27 Oct '19

Unfortunately it's not possible as of now. Those are suggestions for future features.

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OK here's the deal: If you refuse to balance the game, just let us do the job for you, will you?
Let me make at least my own server without maul and bloodlust. If I get the option to toggle all weapons or perks on and off on my server, I'll shut up forever about weapon and perk balance. No time to lose, get to work!

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Just like ParryThisMod did a good job about configs.This mod allows players spawning with 1411 in certain maps,and admins can change settings by editing game.ini file like:

We abosolutely need that.

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@隊友都垃圾很可憐 said:
中文是我專長 英文不是
請問如何在自己的伺服器上 限制 武器呢
Sorry, my English is not good. I am an Asian player.
Chinese is my specialty, English is not
I am communicating with you from google translation
How can I limit weapons on my server?
Can I only delete game information?

You can't editing .uasset files in current version unless you unpak those .paks.