Ranked System Tier Naming Suggestion

Knight 19 56

First things first - love you guys Triternion. Thanks for the update. But I noticed the ranked system tier names and I had to say something...

Do we really want to progress from something like "Diamond 1" to "Diamond 5" and not the other way around?
In most competitive games (League, Overwatch, HOTS, Rainbow Six Siege, etc.) a tier will start with "Tier" 5 and progress up to "Tier" 1, then go to the next tier and so forth. I realize that Dota 2 and CSGO do it the other way around, but this has never made sense. Why would would you want to go from Bronze 2 to Bronze 3? It feels like you're moving from second to third. Number 1 is better than number 5. I can see why one might think a bigger number is better, but if we treat it like a leaderboard, then the lower number should be higher, right?

Please change!

BTW I realize this is incredibly nitpicky and inane, so it should fit in perfectly here on the forums <3

Conscript 183 471
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  • 20 Jul

Tbh I think the tier should be named things like Berzerker, vanguard, foot soldier etc instead of gold, silver, diamond and such.

Knight 917 2522
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  • 20 Jul

These are just fugly.

Modern military ranks at Silver, random Russian eagle at Gold, cartoon sword + generic angry Spartan helmet at Platinum, 80s synthwave at Diamond and Generic Early 00s Rapper Cross Tattoo at Elite.

Make it at least somewhat medieval and less loud and edgy.

Platinum and Diamonds are also very non-medieval tbh. Purple was a royalty thing in middle ages, so at least one of these could be replaced with somethign more grounded in reality.