Idea: Roman Colosseum style map

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  • 19 Jul

The idea is a map in full Roman Empire style, please let me know what you think about it!

The Colosseum part of Rome (or based on Rome) is the setting of the map. It's an urban area, so there are houses and you are able to enter most of them. In the middle stands the grand Colosseum and this is also the part you need to capture. The Colosseum also includes the gladiator quarters and the gate to enter the arena. There should also be something cool like a cathedral.

Remember the scene in the movie Gladiator where Maximus fights in the arena versus horses + wagon? There should be atleast 2 of those in there. Also, a snake pit which you can trigger using a leaver and of course a cage with a big male lion inside which is also opened by a leaver or by hitting the lock a few times.

New construction types
Idea for new types of wooden constructs, build by using toolbox: a wooden plank used to cross roofs and a ladder used to climb parts of the Colosseum (or other large building types like castles).

New gear
For players who want more Roman style gear there should be some additional gear like Gladiator/Roman inspired armor and weapons.

Let me know what you think about this idea! Give it votes/kudo's and comments and lets hope the dev's like it too!

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  • 19 Jul

I think Rome and the colosseum a bit early on the time line to fall into the theme of the game. This is likely why we aren’t seeing any broad swords in the game.

From what I understand the devs wanted to keep it around the years of 1300-1500. I may be off on those dates but they’re close.

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I could imagine it better as a deathmatch map than a team objective mission.
Wagons aren't in the game yet, sounds like an awful lot of extra work and rome is ~100 BC, mordhau is ~1200-1600 AD, it doesn't fit the time. Could make it a ruined collosseum, like the one we can see in present day rome.