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Mordhau Development Update - July

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  • 20 Jul '19

@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
Sadly Ranked system is really not going to get players back that are leaving in droves. It really only appeals to the dueler boys and the hard core fans. What is missing is content content content. SDK along with a mapping contest to add the top 5 winners to official servers would instantly increase content for free and actually get players playing again. Currently they are getting bored with the same maps, same modes and the same broken issues.

Server hosts are also annoyed by the limited resources, access, control, options and knowledge base for tweaking or personalizing and managing their servers since there is no RCON or admin tools.MordStats.jpg

The hell you are talking about, I'm no dueler boy or hard core fan and I literally stopped playing because I am waiting for ranked, a few of my friends as well, not saying the numbers will skyrocket on its release but it will certainly help keep the game alive for a while, ranked 1v1/2v2/3v3/5v5 is and should be a huge priority. Then modding tools right after.

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  • 20 Jul '19

Triterion, thank you so much for your dedication and hard work. I can't wait for these updates and to watch the evolution and future success of Mordhau. As a player more on the older side, you guys remind me of a young Blizzard/Blizzard North. You've really made a quality product and you should all be proud at what you have accomplished.

Keep it up!

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  • 20 Jul '19

I don't think that this is a game for ranked system,
How it is even going to work, the better you are in duel, the higher rank you will be? If it's like that, then it should be specified that ranks are for duel ,or change the ranks to tiltes, something like from "peasant" to "experienced knight"

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  • 20 Jul '19

Sounds like you’re addressing every issue I’ve got with the game, and more. Thanks guys! ❤️

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  • 20 Jul '19

Rely loving the game hope u keep it going for as long as possible :)

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  • 20 Jul '19

This development update pleases me.

Jax has earned himself another 80% off any single entree item.

Duke 554 950
  • 20 Jul '19

I hope Feitoria has a deathmatch variant with open space so we can replace Contraband.

Baron 19 31
  • 20 Jul '19

Can't wait! Awesome work ✌️

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  • 20 Jul '19

Dude, excellent in depth update. TBH something as simple as screen shots or “hey this week we have been working on ‘x’ and are nearing completion” would really keep the community happy.

Mercenary 2193 3914
  • 20 Jul '19

Goise, do something about Team Death match mode etc. too ( modes outside matchmaking) they shouldn't be forgotten.

c00l upd00t tx m'fren

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  • 20 Jul '19

Make sure you include the Battle Axe in that nerf please, it's too good in high-level play right now and it's all I ever have to fight against. I'd like more variety when fighting people, not just the Battle Axe because its stam drain, accels, combo-feint-to-parry and combos are so ridiculously fast.

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Heavy hand axe does too much damage for a low cost 1hander that is verisitle as blunt, slash, slow for better drags and can be used to repair/build structures

It just op

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  • 20 Jul '19

holy shit coooool

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  • 20 Jul '19

Great! Good stuff! Finally a Team Objective is coming!

Please let us know how things will proceed! We need more devblogs!

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  • 20 Jul '19

Are there by any chance any changes/improvements to the performance, even if minor?

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  • 20 Jul '19

@BossNegro said:
Are there by any chance any changes/improvements to the performance, even if minor?

I’m curious too. Currently I can run mountain on 60fps, taiga and grad on 40fps, and camp on 20 in frontlines. Will the new maps be more similar to mountain peak or camp?

Knight 2608 6921
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  • 20 Jul '19

Woo :D so hyped for all of this, Mordhau ftw!

Sellsword 1 0
  • 20 Jul '19

Great news!

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  • 20 Jul '19

Does anyone actually care about racism other than the devs/journalists?

I don't. If I see someone being a dick I just ignore them.