Mordhau for VR + Consoles

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Hello guys my name is SirBrony, I'm new here, and I like Booze :) .

Anywho, I'd indubitably be glad to know if Mordhau will have VR implemented, down the road?

Also I'd like to know if this will come to consoles PS4/XBOne? Also if too a viable option, could there please please please, opt for
local split-screen multiplayer. I've been dying to play a medieval local split-screen multiplayer game! :(

Anyways Thank's Y'all

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  • 12 Jan

you're not even trying tbh

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@ToLazy4Name said:
you're not even trying tbh

I don't even try anymore anyways ; ;

But one could hope to dream :)

and maybe release for Nintendo Switch :D

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  • 12 Jan

I guess that if the game is bik success lots of money and shit they eventually will go to consoles tbh. I don't see why they wouldnt, but we might be talking here about a couple of years after the game is released. I'm basing myself on what happened to chiv you see, sort of similar game, devs in similar situation (idk thou, could be dead wrong here)

VR I find kinda hard, I believe you are going to puke a lot with it, unless you just play in public casual mode where you won't have to, you know, be a melee god and make sick movements to fight 5 guys simutaniously when necessary. Just to enjoy the view kinda thing you know what I mean brother

But everything is possible, we don't know! Search for similar threads, I do belive they exist. But as far as I know, both are not planed or are not the foccus at the moment.

Anyways, welcome!

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  • 13 Jan

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