Weapon Range seems inconsistent when fighting a kicker

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  • 18 Jul '19

Ive noticed a recent FREQUENT trend of the following
I can tell a player is getting up on me for a kick, so I back pedal, he kicks (and I cant be any closer or I would get hit)
I stab (bastard sword) and somehow I am out of range?

Also, the Messer DEFINITELY hits farther than its model lets on
I have so many times seen the weapon swing clearly in front of me, yet I still get hit.

Knight 7768 14310
  • 19 Jul '19

From my experience at least kicks do make hitboxes fucky

have had no issues with weapons extending beyond the range of their model though

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  • 19 Jul '19

I feel the same about the Messer. Fillet skin is the worst. As for kicks, if you hold a block with a shield and someone kicks within a 5m radius you may indeed wear the kick. I'm not mad about it, comes in handy vs Kite shielders. Use a Targe Shield for a defensive boost without developing shitty habits like block holding if you aren't already, or better yet swap the BS for a Messer. Same points and range with far superior HTK and general animation fuckiness allows you to land more blows. The guilt you feel when using that broken weapon is honestly the biggest/only negative.