Customization Quality of Life Suggestion

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Simple quality of life suggestion that would be nice to have:

Add an option/toggle in the load out customization screen that allows us to see what our character will look like in frontline on red team or blue team.

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Underrated suggestion.

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  • 17 Jul

On a note related to QOL aesthetic improvements; Would also be nice if our customization choices were saved even when we switch out weapons and armor. It's silly that I have to keep repicking the same small handful of options, even the colors, any time I change a piece of armor or swap weapons.

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Don't know how useful this would be, but I'd like a sort of 'shopping cart' feature. For example, first you outfit your character in any gear you like (regardless of money/level restrictions), then put everything in that loadout in the cart and it'll save that loadout + show you how much more gold and levels you need to fully complete it. Then when you have enough, you just buy the already completed loadout. Just spit balling here tho...

Also +1 for OP. Needed QOL