Spear secondary attack windup speeds too fast. ( critical issue)

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People getting 50+ kills in a frontlines map by just spamming scroll up, forcing chambering and spamming stabs is not just OP, its grossly game breaking.

The spear is not a light weapon, its medium to heavy in weight, theres no reason its windup speeds should be as fast as shortswords.
This is killing the game.

One just needs to spam stab away at players, and get easy stab kills.

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The stab meta is an annoyance, but my biggest gripe with the 2H Spear is that the active damage phase of the stab lasts a frame or two beyond the point where the tip of the spear has lost all visual momentum which results in some really dumb hit reg events when you assume you've already avoided the stab.

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  • 15 Jul

This is a nonissue

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  • 15 Jul

tbh i'm inclined to agree, normally stab weapons aren't an issue but they also normally don't stab this fast for this much damage and with this light of a turncap

it's not a big deal, but a nerf to spear alt mode wouldn't be horrific