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Got throwed into another Server midgame?! wtf...

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  • 14 Jul '19

I played on Mountain Peak and nearly at midgame, the Screen just changed to loading screen
and i was throwing into a match on Grad(also midgame)?

wtf happened?

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  • 15 Jul '19

If it's not a reoccurring issue I don't think its a huge deal. My only guesses are that maybe a previously stuck connection to a server went through or some kind of race condition.

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It happens to me occasionally when I try to join a full server but give up and join another. I think it accidentally keeps you locked into the queue and loads you in when a position opens.

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  • 15 Jul '19

Ok, that makes sense, i was searching for the votekick-counter-hack guy that sabotaged our team before on Grad, to report him.
Because of that i was hopping into several Grad Matches, to find him again, but couldnt find him anymore.

Thx for the Clarification

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  • 16 Jul '19

ive had it happen once but i qued double by accident idk how it happen