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Revisit Weapon Animations please

874 375
  • 14 Jul '19

Hi, I noticed this in particular with the Messer but there are more weapons on the list which you'll find more or less surprising.
The Issue is that the actual hit lands way before the animation does, most people are aware of this and I almost feel dumb for posting again. But it's not only the messer, as I have noticed. Someone on a public server also said, the range is bigger than the actual model, which I can only agree with. People deliberately pick messer because of it's broken animations.

Executioner Sword is also slightly off sync as are War Axe and Zweihänder. While the desync isn't as obvious and broken as with the messer, they're still there and should be fixed alongside with the messer.

Now some of you might say: Those are just accels and drags, you need to be able to deal with that. But the weapon model should show the accel properly, which it doesn't in my opinion for the weapons mentioned.

Did you notice any other weapons that might be off sync?

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  • 14 Jul '19

Messer and Waraxe are indeed noticeable, their animations are too slow. Executioner sword and Zweihänder feel off, too. Can't say if too fast or too slow. The Executioner sword's stab animation could be too fast.

The only one I have in mind right now is the big warhammer (forgot the English name), those animations seem to be too fast, as the hits always lag behind.

129 141
  • 14 Jul '19

When you use your Messer 1 handed.

Duke 554 950
  • 14 Jul '19

All of the animations should be looked at eventually. Playing at high level is ridiculous.

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  • 2
  • 14 Jul '19

They should, but I really doubt they will ever be overhauled lol. There's really no incentives for the developers to take on that leviathan workload over pumping out new content which they are also struggling to do anyway.

I also don't trust that they can ever make animations not gay, they had all of the alpha period + slasher to do it.

874 375
  • 14 Jul '19

Maybe they could try to make all their animations dynamic so they can adjust speeds more easily. From a factor of 1 you could increase both the hitbox attack speed and animation at the same time, once they're synced. This will come in handy if there will be any future attack speed buffs or nerfs.

The easy way would be to make the attack speed fit the weapons better.
I only named 4 weapons, they're currently all meta weapons and I noticed it the most there. But it might be more other weapons that are desynced but I'm not sure about them, halberd looked weird in some games and maybe maul but not sure about them.

Messer: 10-20% less attack speed
Exe & Zweihänder: 0-10% less
War Axe 5-15% less

Knight 3313 6811
  • 15 Jul '19

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Knight 7768 14327
  • 15 Jul '19

I agree the animations could use work (in a game like this they are never going to be perfect) but idk what you're on about with desync'd hits or weapon ranges being longer than the model. I've had no such issues.

874 375
  • 15 Jul '19

it's barely noticeable, but most obvious with accels.

48 28
  • 16 Jul '19

a few weapons i noticed hitting before they visually connect:
Executioner's (feels like ~10cm longer from the tip), Battle Axe (feels like it hits 10cm before the end of the head connects), Eveningstar (like the Battle Axe but 15cm), messer (~8cm from the end), Falchion (~5cm fromt he end).

Observed at pings varying from 30 to 100 on duel servers and frontlines since launch. Other weapons of similar ping players on the same servers being the objects of comparison. As well as testing from my perspective switching between weapons.

The worst offender is probably the eveningstar. every time i pick one up it's like i'm hitting the space around the person i'm swinging at.