Triterion should make dev blogs

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  • 13 Jul '19

I feel that if they make maybe bi-weekly or monthly dev blogs then people would calm down. Right now a lot of people are complaining about slow updates and lack of communication between the devs and players. Some are even quitting. I feel like if they made scheduled dev blogs then it can make people less upset and actually give them something to look forward to

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  • 13 Jul '19

They obviously don't give a fuck that a large portion of people can't even play because of their potato servers. I'm one of them.

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  • 13 Jul '19

"14/07/19 Development Blog: we've found we're out of cocaine and we have argued for 2 hours who will climb down from our pile of gold and go for another dose for everyone."

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  • 22 Jul '19

I'd prefer they finish what they're doing before wasting time talking about unfinished ideas

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@lordlemon said:
I'd prefer they finish what they're doing before wasting time talking about unfinished ideas

The point of the developer blog is to reassure confidence not only within the community and most importantly , the future consumer of the game. Regular developer blogs are very common with indie developers. It shows that the developers are committed to the towards the longevity of the game by displaying in development content through clips of videos or pictures of what is currently available. To just do updates when they are done with long periods of silence will give the impression that the developers are not active in informing the community of future updates thus the community would not feel involved in the development of the game in a passive approach. The lack of communication currently is either caused by slow development cycles, poor communication by the community manager who is responsible of being the PR outreach of the developers, or the fact that a select group of community members are currently the only ones truly informed of the current state of development as of their (prior connection with developers, apart of the niche competitive community that existed in Chivalry, or people of interest such as prominent Mordhau streamers).

The root problem with Mordhau and retaining players is the lack of a centralized point of communication in the form of developer blogs. At the moment the only way of being truly informed of the future updates of Mordhau is either by getting information from the “private group”, scour multiple social media sites such as (reddit, Mordhau forums, discord servers, or by watching jax’s Mordhau streams in which he will wander questions regarding the development of the game which is the primary source of viewership), or through leaks such as the new gamemodes such as siege mode, future weapons, even maps such as crossroads. It’s currently daunting for the consumer or potential consumer of the game to find any relevant information regarding the development and future development of the game in a timely matter which only serves to the detriment of the game. The game could benefit greatly from a roadmap of the future even if they have yet to reach such goals internally. In the end let us all hope these developer blogs continue in regular intervals for the sake of eh longevity of the game.

Things the developers more importantly the community manager can improve upon

1.) Create a Roadmap of the game outlining goals of the development team seeks to achieve in the near future

2.) Create developer blogs in regular intervals to give the consumer reassurance in that their investment in the game is warranted

3.) Centralize all source of development progress in one place for everyone to see. There have been attempts in the past to do this however they failed due to a lack of developers / Community manager posting in those threads regarding the development in the game

4.) Do developer streams where the developers get together on let’s say twitch to answer question in addition to showing off current work in progress content. Look at the indie developers of Post Scriptum and Foxhole for examples on twitch

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Thanks For 666 Lads

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  • 22 Jul '19

Going to play devil's advocate for a while. I've said this in another thread but yeah, developers communicating and stuff is cool. It's also not a fucking necessity. I swear, modern business practices have spoiled gamers to the point they need constant updates and hand holding to keep their interest in the game. Which would make sense if the game provided a bare bones experience, but it's not the case for Mordhau.

Personally, every time I've become obsessed with a game it was for the core gameplay and that alone has kept me interested in the game. The fun factor. The competitiveness of the game. Not skins. Not new experimental game modes.

Performance issues? Server issues? When such issues occur, every single developer ever has made a blanket statement of "we're investigating these issues".

Lack of content updates? They've done that. Not with the frequency you'd wish for, sure, but come on. The last update with information of upcoming content was 2 months ago. Since then, they added a new (shitty) map and they released 2 or 3 patches. It's not a huge company like fucking Epic with producers and investors grinding their employees to meet a deadline. Every single time they've announced something, they've clearly stated that they are bad with schedules. Isn't that an obvious plead for patience?

It's like people are in constant fear their game dying when numbers dwindle while ignoring the fact the developers are also interested in keeping their project, also source of income, alive.

Let's pretend Triternion disregards their communication practices for the last 3 years and they start making monthly devlogs. How soon do you think that frequency will change? How soon before the pacing of new content slows down? How will the community deal with the failed expectations/deadlines? (yada yada slippery road, I know)

The root problem with Mordhau and retaining players is the lack of a centralized point of communication in the form of developer blogs.

The game is not doing great so let met use that and the couple of anecdotes of friends who lost their interest because there are no new maps to try and get the devlogs I want.

It's not like there was a Steam Summer sale which just ended. Or that new games are out there and a ton of people are playing other stuff. Or that people have had their fun and naturally lost their interest. Or that newbies get stomped. Or that there are crashes, performance issues, loadout bugs. Or that rougly half of the 2nd largest player base has shitty ping due to shady service providers.

But the lack of communication, man... Cool story bro.

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  • 23 Jul '19

@MrGhostTheFlyingFlail said:

The root problem with Mordhau and retaining players is the lack of a centralized point of communication in the form of developer blogs.

what a fucking load of bullshit

maybe thats what shitters tell themselves

truth is, game is too fucking hard for 90% of gamers. not one of them will admit it either