Perks Suggestions "Megathread"

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  • 12 Jul '19

Guys, if you have suggestions for new perks or would like to discuss nerfs, changes, new perks and so on you're in the right place here. I'll try to link all the perk related topics aswell so you can see what people came up with already.
Most importantly, include a brief description of your perk, perk cost and why the game "needs" it.
Also you could propose more than one version of your perk if you're unsure.

My Suggested Perks:

Your attacks drain 50% more stamina when blocked by shields
Your kicks deal 50% more damage

Why? People complained about Shields a lot. I think it would be very fair to have an anti shield perk at least. It will drain their stamina faster and eventually disarm them easier and leave less for feints and attacks. I'm not a big fan of removing held block, it's viable for beginners.

[2]Escape Artist (inspired by mittsies)
When your health falls below 25, use all your stamina and drop your weapon to run 50% faster for 4 seconds.

Fun perk, maybe useful for archers / crossbow. Similarities to flesh wound and could have a similarly epic scream.

[3]Brute Force
Blunt weapons deal 50% more damage against heavy armor.

Why? This would be 1) realistic 2) a counter to heavy armor. My only worry is that it will make eveningstar and mace op / onehit?

Reduce miss penalty and attack stamina cost by 50%
Increase Feint and morph cost by 100%

Why? Just because I'm mad cuz bad and want to swing at people without using my brain a lot and worry about stamina or feints. This is also a perk that would make newbies more viable or certain weapons like falchion or zweihander.

[1]Veteran Knight
Reduced movement penalty if using only heavy armor. (thinking ~10% movement speed bonus)

Can place 10 objects instead of 6

Why? I want to build a house.

My Suggested Perk Changes

[2]Fireproof: Now also increases movement speed while burning 20% (inspired by TrustyWays

[2]Wrecker: Deal 66% more damage against structures.
Drain 50% more stamina against shields

[1]Huntsman: Deals 100% more damage with bows and throwables against players on horseback, horses and enemies carrying a quiver.

[3] Bloodlust: Grants 25 extra life on kill

(This would give you +50 total for a kill and in some cases still fully heal you, if you're almost dead, say 15 -> 65 you're still a 2 hit for most small weapons if you're wearing armor, so that would make the perk more fair imo, also reducing cost so it's pretty strong still for 3 I think)

Suggestions from other people I like

@Goof said:
(4) The Bard - Playing the lute increases nearby allies health regeneration by 25%

Or can increase damage dealt by allies by 20%

Maybe not damage. Some kind of group "moral" buff would be really cool for the bard, right now they're just being either protected by the enemy / working with the enemy or getting teamkilled. Bard effects shouldn't be stackable and rather than constantly measuring distance between players, simply check if the player can hear friendly lute music.
What about 3 cost and increasing movement speed 20%, but can't be faster than unarmored? It would help the armored players keep up with the nakeds on their team. Also, could make life regeneration start 25% faster instead of increasing its speed.

Had to shorten that, most of it was too op:

@Mittsies said:
Reposting my perks ideas from the other thread here:

  • [2] Rage - Temporarily increases movement speed upon taking damage from a projectile.
  • [3] Slippery - After being disarmed you instantly begin sprinting (like the 'Rush' perk).
    Suggestions to tweak current perks:
  • Brawler - Make it also increase kick damage (or stamina drain). This will make a lot less situational.
  • Scavenger - In addition to its other effects: when picking up a ranged weapon, collect more max ammo than normal.

I like your tweaks and those 2 perk Ideas.

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