Game is quickly becoming unplayable

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  • 11 Jul

Had no troubles playing at launch. Plenty of servers on at all times, plenty in my region, no ping issues when I was playing. Now when I get on the server browser it hardly shows any, even if I tell it to show full servers. What few servers there are either shitty Icefuze ones, or I'll get random ping spikes from 20-50 ping to 100+, and looking at the scoreboard there are numerous other people on my team and the enemy having the same issue. Also, constant random crashes that just freeze my game and don't even allow me to get to task manager. I love this game, but it has somehow gotten a lot worse since launch, and with not even a comment from the devs on this issue it's looking grim, especially since it seems like the next big update will be content focused rather than bug fixing.