Lutebot 2.0 is skipping notes

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I tried a totally fresh reinstall but out of the blue a few days after installing Lutebot it began skipping notes in every single song I try to play, nomatter how slow or fast or long or short the song is. Even on local matches, so it's not lag (which was my first guess). Anyone know what the deal is? I cannot for the life of me seem to fix it. I've tried a COMPLETELY fresh install several times now, and I never screwed with tempo settings. It was working very well before this started. Thanks to anyone who has any idea what's going on.

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Found the offending cause completely by accident. Mordhau's config had reset one of the commands for console to blank and another for tilde instead of pagedown. Hope this potentially helps someone else.

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  • 11 Jul

I'm having the exact same problem but both baseinput.ini and defaultinput.ini both have pagedown in the right places. I'm hoping some benevolent bards might know the solution.