TK Punishments ("Curses", gallows, pillory, turd man and more)

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In a reply to another thread, I typed a reply which was getting longer and longer and suggesting my own thing more than paying attention to his suggestion. This is why I seperated the two and proudly present my take on a TK punishment system. It's ... sadistic and trollish but I'm sure the community will embrace it.
Although... could still be abused by more experienced players if they don't finish off their teamkills and wait for them to kill them but players will learn.

Let the Player who got teamkilled choose what to do with the teamkiller. (aka TKPunish, old cs plugin, very gud) I think some of the harsher punishments should require more teamkills. Could also call them curses but some people could dislike it because curse sounds like from a fantasy setting. They could have their own "aura-like" looks, weird hats or animations visible for teammates and enemies. Now most of these are pretty random because they're the best I could come up with. If a player is leaving while a punishment is active, he could get 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 12 16 20 24 32 48 hours time ban from the particular official server depending on the number of offenses within the current week or month or simply be kicked from the same particular server on the same map but that seems weak and undefined. Also time ban seems like a bad solution but you have to prevent people from leaving while the punishment isn't finished.

For 1st TK choose 1:

  • Forgive teamkill (do nothing)
  • Exhaust (Set max stamina to 1 until next death, disable sprint and kick)
  • Fatigue (Slow Attack and Movement Speed 50%, reduce damage 50%)
  • Warden's Homerun (Warden appears, "maceballs" the player across the map so he dies. other players must be immune and not be blocked by the warden or flying player. Stolen from worms armageddon's homerun bat. Wouldn't work on some maps, )
  • Burn at the stake (Quickly burn to death in ~30 seconds, animated npc could set the pile on fire)

On 2nd TK choose 1:

  • Forgive Teamkill
  • Warden's Homerun
  • Burn at the stake
  • Fatigue
  • Plague (Player starts puking animation randomly every couple of seconds)
  • Turn into living Turd (Player has turd helmet (no armor) and has only Turds and fists for weapons and can't kick, he'll make a farting noise instead)
  • If the Turd is too shitty you could turn them into a goat or chicken instead or come up with something stupid on your own.
  • Cripple (Remove his Arms, set health to 10)

For 3rd TK choose 1:

  • Cripple
  • Turn into living Turd
  • Permatrap (spawns bear traps that deal 3 damage each and makes the player fall down consequently, rendering him unable to do things while some curious bystanders look at them.
  • Bait (Drop him without a weapon at the nearest / busiest enemy spawn or at certain positions from considerable height, leaving him on low hp as a free kill for the enemy OR disarm him and stuck him into the ground)
  • One minute at the pillory (basically freezing him for 1 minute, would require at least one on every map with a couple of items to throw at the player for amusement. right now I think only camp has them. don't let players on the pillory die)
  • Seize control of the player's movement (wasd and jumps) until death or 1 minute

On 4th TK choose 1:

  • Two minutes at the pillory
  • Hang (painfully slow 2 minutes until death, would require gallows at each checkpoint or somewhere on the map)
  • Seize control of the player's movement (wasd and jumps) until death or 2 minutes

On 5th TK choose 1:

  • Pillory (180 seconds)
  • Hang (180 seconds)
  • Kick from the server and timeban 60 minutes

I also want to reference the following teamkill related topics:
My extended votekick system
Engineer's name (give the guy some attention it's a simple but very useful addition)
Automate Reporting

Anyone got more Ideas for funny medieval punishments? How do you think should they handle the teamkilling Issue?

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  • 10 Jul

WAY too much wasted effort.

  1. Fix scoreboard, make current TKs/teamdamage (maybe even TKs/teamdamage per match) visible and mark players with certain numbers to make votekick easier. Also mark players who get votekicked often.
  2. After 5 teamkills, allow players to retaliate without that teamdamage/kills getting counted and allow players to use a "kill" command to retaliate directly.
  3. After 'X' teamkills/teamdamage, kick player.

Players who reach a certain number of TKs/teamdamage per match get banned for a certain amount of time.

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  • 10 Jul

I feel like all we need is the ability to forgive team kills and an auto kick after a certain amount of team kills

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That sounds fun but as noted, a whole lot of code to write there. A properly scolling leaderboard with a column for enemy damage:team damage would be perfectly fine - especially if the ratio appears under the votekick (plus the kickers ratio).

This could be gamed a little at the start of a match or would facillitate a high performing player to bully team mates a little late in the game if he wants because he'll survive the kick against an unperforming team mate. Overall a step up from where we are and (seemingly) simple to implement.

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Quick salamander style auto-refreshing for quick listing could become an option as well.

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@VampireDuck said:
I feel like all we need is the ability to forgive team kills and an auto kick after a certain amount of team kills

That seems simple and effective. The counter could degrade on its own slowly so that longer matches don't increase the probability to be kicked. Also every unforgiven team kill could put out a warning.

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  • 11 Jul

Another idea:

A perk who let the teamattacker get 200% of the dmg he made back to himself!
Maybe could be called "out of the way, squire!"

Another thing would be pretty simple: Let us see the % of teamdmg people made.
This info also should be visible in the votekick beneath the player name!
Actually there should be a option to scroll the tab menu and to klick on a player where you can see his % in teamdmg and the ability to klick "votekick"

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Hey everyone!
Thanks for the nice comments, I think you're absolutely right, most of it is very unnecessary.
But there could be an automated pattern that if you're not forgiven you get a different and increasingly harsh punishment for each consequent teamkill until you're autokicked at 5 teamkills. I suggested tons of punishments without expecting any of them to make their way into the game but chances are one of the developers will pick one or more of the punishments and make them a default for a certain number of teamkills. Most of these shouldn't be too much work. And I'm not asking for all of them lol.
It would help recognizing griefers aswell if they were a turd man.