Rework concept: Throwable weapons

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  • 10 Jul '19

Throwable weapon is a catagory given to designated throwable weapons such as: (Throwing Axe, Throwing Knife, Javelin....)
while there are other weapons, mainly one-handers that have a throwable alternative mode.

The throwable weapon has a state chain as following:
Idle > Windup > Thrown > Reload / Switch (depending if thrown weapon has reserve ammuntion)

Almost all designated throwable weapons have reserve ammo, which allows the user to throw another weapon consecutively till the weapon slot ammo is exhausted, but alternative weapon thrown will always perform a weapon swap after thrown since there is no extra ammo count for Arming Swords and E.g.

From the moment the primary fire button is pressed, the chain of state will complete without the user being able to interrupt, following with a lenghty windup before the throw, and then a reload OR weapon swap.
Here is what I think needs to be done:

Throwable weapons should function as a toggle-able 'weapon stance' similar to other alternative modes, rather being immediately throw as soon as the windup is through on alternative mode throws.

It should also be able to be held ready in the windup. (The throwable windup is too predictable and easily parried, being able to hold the throw weapon ready in a similar fashion to how Shortspear, Javelin and Heavy Javelin functions in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare before its thrown.

From the ready state, the throwable weapon should be able to be canceled, and 'feinted' if you will to also throw off opponents. This will give more depht to throwable weapons and more chance of actually landing a shot. It's already too easy to avoid being hit by a projectile weapon since they can be parried with ease, and then there is also the matter of shields that exist in the game, and not to mention that the weapon has to be aimed with projectile gravity and velocity being accounted for.

Another minor idea could be that when a throwable weapon is toggled, the thrust/strike button will determine which type of throw will be performed..Such as a 'strike button' throw can be a quick throw with low velocity but faster recovery and windup, and then a 'thrust-button' heavy throw that deals more damage, better velocity but much longer recovery and windup.

Please let me know what you think about this idea?
I personally hate the way throwable weapons currently function, since it feels like such a hassle that when you throw a javelin or shortspear, there is a 1.2 second windup before the release, so you cannot time the aim when you press the button, but will have you wait for the windup duration to count down when I think that you should be able to hold the weapon ready to throw after the 1.2 second windup, or if necessary either cancel or 'feint' the throw.

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  • 10 Jul '19

I partially agree but not with delaying too much. At maximum 2 different throws, a slow one and a fast one which costs increased stamina. Also please make us able to block with javelin, handaxe and throwing knife while not wearing a shield.
About the Feint: There should be a longer time window than with some other weapons, maybe increased stamina for throwing weapon feints? There could be an option to feint yes, but I don't think it's really needed to make javelins and other throwing weapons viable.
But walking around corners with readied javelins doesn't sound fair to me. Now it's not easy to get the javelin timing right, and find a good target that's unaware. I'm really bad on javelin it seems. But they do a ton of damage and are ranged weapons, they should have some kind of a downside aswell, in fact some people complain about javelin being op, but someone complained about my cleaver and eveningstar, doesn't really matter what weapons you take, within 1 week you'll meet a guy who hates you for using the weapon. Still I think some of the javelin whine is justified.