Suggestion To The Devs

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@ToLazy4Name said:
You misunderstood me. I was saying that facetiously. I didn't mean you previously weren't acting sensible and that you now are, I was pointing out that that is sensible while roshawn's points aren't.

Oh, im sorry then.

@vanguard said:
What I tryied to say is that, when thinking about balance, we must think about the comp guys and the fighting stiles that are present in this sphere you know what I mean? And I know its kinda fucked up I say this, even because I have a good friend who plays like this, but this sort of self-handicaping stile should really not be considered when talking about balance, and from a comp point of view, this is nothing but noobism, its no "fighting stile" imo.

I completely agree with this, i mean i trust in Mordhau having a competitive scene that is not fucking shit (fucking awesome instead), i don't see any reason to handicap yourself in that case (except maybe for some weapon choices).

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  • 7 Jan

@roshawnmarcellterrell said
In short I think emerald archer who actually makes and shoots his own bows should be playing right now giving you guys feedback on the bow play


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To actually give my opinion on this,

From speaking to the devs they aim to make every weapon in the game equally viable in its own ways (some weapons being superior but taking more space in your inventory, like spear vs arming sword).

This includes archery and stuff. You must remember roshawn, being lightly armored will give you the ability to carry more equipment or spend perk points on buffs. So this means lightly armored fighters will likely be armed to the teeth with throwables and shields to make up for their lack of armor. They are also trying to come up with a perk tree that gives you some kind of offensive buffs, which would obviously not be utilized when someone has all their points spent in Defense for plate armor (this tree and its details are not really known atm, still in spitballing stage).

And about MAA being completely neglected, Mason MAA is in the game already lol

This is obviously disregarding the fact that a MAA is actually a knight who was not officially knighted, and would be well armed and armored like a knight. The MAA in chivalry is closer to a "Footman" which oddly enough fits his style better anyway. I dont know why they chose to name it MAA.

A Footman was your average soldier. Not rich enough to afford heavy armor.

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I don't know why they didn't name them Rat At Arms

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5 months + 3 weeks and no kickstarter