What pc specs do I need to run Mordhau?

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I am wondering what kind of specs I need to run Mordhua at 1440p 120hz. Atm I have a gtx 1060 6gb, i5 8400 and 16gb 2666mhz RAM and its quite not cutting it. On dead duel servers it works great I normally get just around 120fps low/ultra settings but in frontline and such it averages at 100fps 1080p all low settings. I am quessing that this is mostly a cpu problem but the gpu is also a big factor. I already know which gpu Im going to buy (rtx 2070 btw) but the cpu I dont know tbh. My motherboard is a Gigabyte z370-op-hd3 and I am not planning on changing it. I want a cpu that can handle Mordhau at 120hz and 1440p at low/ultra settings and still have a Youtube video playing on my other screen.

Thanks in advance"

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  • 10 Jul

1440p was a mistake

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Bear in mind frontline is very hard to run regardless of the system you have and for most people that's usually the cpu, you can test whether that's the case for you by turning down render scale and seeing if you get more fps since that's entirely on the gpu.

If you aren't replacing you're mobo then you're best bet would be a 8700k which would give you a good boost in clocks and extra threads, they are cheaper now after the ryzen 3 launch. I would't buy less than a 6 core 12 thread for gaming these days some of the aaa titles like bf already use more than 6 and with ryzen 2600 being had for 120 now it will become the norm, amd don't even offer desktop cpus with less than 12 threads anymore (besides apus) like they did with first gen.