"No Gold & XP" caused by Local Match

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  • 9 Jul

I am sure somebody reported this already, at least once, but either the developer wasn't able to read it or had no time for the solution.

I have noticed that, if you play Mordhau, start a Local Match, do whatever there (Practice with bots, check the map, etc) and then go do Matchmaking, you won't get Gold or XP yet you are valid for it. (Playing in an official server, after all)

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  • 10 Jul
 Jax — Community Manager

Hmm, are you sure that you can replicate this?

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I practice on Bots every day wile waiting for ques (takes 15 mins for me to get good ping servers) and I have never had this issue

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  • 14 Jul

Hmm, then it's the other way.

Play Frontline Matchmaking, get out, do Local Match, get out, play Frontline Matchmaking again.
Gold & XP reward is not possible afterwards. I have my doubts that the Matchmaker would let me into an unofficial/broken server.