10 Different Ways to nerf Bloodlust

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  • 14 Aug

Number 1. Don't nerf it
Bloodlust is only "overpowered" because in comparison to other perks the majority of the other perks are fairly useless/very specialized.
The solution would to change/add perks that are also worth the points (which bloodlust being worth it is in itself debatable). This is also reflected in dualing loadouts where most people opt for only armor and weapons because most perks aren't worth it which results in less loadout diversity. I would love to see more perks that actually change how someone plays (like dodge perk but not aids).

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1) Not bad, but now 25 health is almost not worth 4 points

2) Pass on that.
3) this will just make people get their health, then run away and wait for cooldown, The point of the perk, the FEEL of the perk is so you can go berzerk on frontline.
Like a slow life steal? Might be OP with certain weapons, but why not just have a new perk for this? I'd be down for vampire perk.

Mostly pointless, I think the heart of it is you have lots of armor and therefor regenning life is important, where if you use light armor you are 1 shotted by a lot of things anyway.

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7) ?

So how long does it take them to regen full health?

A little too random, maybe could be a new perk worth 2 ponts? with a cap.

A stack might work of some kind.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback.

6) Currently, if you have a build, maybe with some medium cost weapon like billhook, and bloodlust, you can heal on the horse for every kill. I think that makes killing riders unneccessarily hard and make archers and throwables less effective because their damage gets healed away so quickly.
So what I'm asking is that once you mount a horse, your bloodlust perk doesn't work anymore.

7) Fully healing on kill should come with some sort of a downside. I thought it would be interesting if you can't regenerate by moving slowly if you use bloodlust. Get a kill, use a bandage or first aid to heal. No regeneration.

8) Normal health regeneration speed, if you use tenacious it's faster.

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i was thinking make peasent 5 and Bloodlust 8 would be fair