10 Different Ways to nerf Bloodlust

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  • 14 Aug '19

Number 1. Don't nerf it
Bloodlust is only "overpowered" because in comparison to other perks the majority of the other perks are fairly useless/very specialized.
The solution would to change/add perks that are also worth the points (which bloodlust being worth it is in itself debatable). This is also reflected in dualing loadouts where most people opt for only armor and weapons because most perks aren't worth it which results in less loadout diversity. I would love to see more perks that actually change how someone plays (like dodge perk but not aids).

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  • 16 Aug '19

1) Not bad, but now 25 health is almost not worth 4 points

2) Pass on that.
3) this will just make people get their health, then run away and wait for cooldown, The point of the perk, the FEEL of the perk is so you can go berzerk on frontline.
Like a slow life steal? Might be OP with certain weapons, but why not just have a new perk for this? I'd be down for vampire perk.

Mostly pointless, I think the heart of it is you have lots of armor and therefor regenning life is important, where if you use light armor you are 1 shotted by a lot of things anyway.

k ?

7) ?

So how long does it take them to regen full health?

A little too random, maybe could be a new perk worth 2 ponts? with a cap.

A stack might work of some kind.

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  • 17 Aug '19

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

6) Currently, if you have a build, maybe with some medium cost weapon like billhook, and bloodlust, you can heal on the horse for every kill. I think that makes killing riders unneccessarily hard and make archers and throwables less effective because their damage gets healed away so quickly.
So what I'm asking is that once you mount a horse, your bloodlust perk doesn't work anymore.

7) Fully healing on kill should come with some sort of a downside. I thought it would be interesting if you can't regenerate by moving slowly if you use bloodlust. Get a kill, use a bandage or first aid to heal. No regeneration.

8) Normal health regeneration speed, if you use tenacious it's faster.

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  • 18 Aug '19

i was thinking make peasent 5 and Bloodlust 8 would be fair

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  • 29 Oct '19

Did they nerf Bloodlust yet?

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  • 30 Oct '19

Sick necro bra, COPE. Bloodlust lyfe.

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  • 31 Oct '19

Some things to point out:

  • You already get 25 HP on kill without Bloodlust
  • Less armor means vulnerable to burst damage/surprise kills
  • Weak starting weapon means your kills will be slowed down until you find an upgrade
  • You are very reliant and getting the last hit - if your ally gets the kill, it will fuck you over
  • Lack of important utilities (Friendly, Fireproof, Pavice, Bandages) will get you killed often
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  • 31 Oct '19

Yo. I was thinking 25 + 25 = 50. I wasn't accounting for the default life on kill, 25 life on kill means 25 on top of the 25 that you already get.

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  • 1 Nov '19

not sure why you suddenly talk about talking weapons from the ground - that can be done by anyone who DOES NOT have bloodlust as well...

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  • 2 Nov '19

It's about Training Sword builds (Or Quarterstaff, Cleaver, other 1-2 point weapon)
Just invest in perks and armor -> find a weapon from the ground -> use bloodlust + dodge with that weapon for example or bloodlust + rush.
The Training sword looks like a Zweihander if you don't pay close attention and you can still scare people.
Why does it matter in a bloodlust discussion? Because those builds wouldn't work without it. You can't dodge yourself to full health.

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  • 6 Nov '19

I play a lot if different loadouts and disagree that bloodlust is Imba. You have to sacrifice 5 points to get it and that would allow you full armor. It's really a "win more ' option in a lot of cases where you can take back to back fights with no downtime, but only if you were going to win those fights anyway.

You get health back anyway on kill. For 5 pts you can get bandage, flesh wound, and friendly. Or armor to allow you to take more hits. Tye amount you die to things like Javalin with the decreased armor is also a factor. You can also potentially get ranged or a backup weapon.

It is also pretty situational - only really helpful in 1vX.

If you take the only true one hit weapon in the maul it forces you to be almost naked and succeptable to a lot of weapons.

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  • 7 Nov '19

It's not op because it's only good in 1vX?
I heard that argument before but isn't frontline mainly 1vX?
Also, if you're able to kill 3 people alone, just because you're healing on each kill, otherwise you'd die to archers and fire, I'll still call op.

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  • 7 Nov '19

The whole concept of that trait is stupid. Obviously stupid.

It is also pretty situational - only really helpful in 1vX.

Y...eeah. That's pretty much the whole point of it.

If you take the only true one hit weapon in the maul it forces you to be almost naked and succeptable to a lot of weapons.

And if you take any other OP weapon and turn your back to the enemy, that weapon isn't that OP anymore...
No, really. How is an extreme like that any relevant? What about the equips that the perk is meant to be used with for better efficiency?

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  • 18 Nov '19

Just remove Bloodlust. Simplest fix.

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  • 13 Dec '19

Maybe they should rework the healing in general. I also feel like bandage and first aid kits are pretty "loveless" for example the bandage animation looks weird, first aid kits don't have a real animation. Bandage heals 50, aid kit heals 100, I think that the game would be way more balanced if you start with 100 health and once you're hurt you can't heal above 70 or 80, making you vulnerable to some one shots that you wouldn't have to fear otherwise.
First aid kits should also have a more interesting animation and should take at least twice the time to use.

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  • 14 Dec '19

6.Yes, please.
7.That would be a great thing to add to the perk. It still would be super powerful but its a nice touch. A nice little drawback. Obviously negated easily with a abndage or medkit or just killing someone but at least its a drawback.

I use bloodlust, fireproof, and smith with a heavy handaxe and 2/3/1 armor and it shreds on invasion and frontline. I think bloodlust is OP and as always I'm surprised its still in the game. I like it though so I don't mind, haha. Can get some cheesy killstreaks going when I'm not afraid to take a hit or two.

Then again, heavy handaxe is super versatile and kinda op too. Guess, I'm just a filthy min maxer...

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  • 18 Dec '19

Aight. 6 and 7 it is. Also, I've asked for a config file so we can disable perks, weapons and more on our own servers.
This would make at least some future nerfs obsolete because server owners can make adjustments themselves, it would enable a plurality of game modes.

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Remove this stupid perk entirely please. Otherwise there'll be no chance I am gonna launch this game again.

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You having a bad day, PC_Principal? You are uncharacteristically negative today.

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I'm just gonna be that guy that doesn't play the game anymore, but keeps ranting in the Forums about how bad things are.
Had too many bad days in this game, with this perk, 90 damage, worthless. Probably having another look at the game's state in mid 2020 and see what has changed.