Fruits and vegetables are toxic and for peasants

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  • 7 Jul '19
 Donald Trump

What's up? Fruits and vegetables you would find in grocery stores are unnatural, cultivated plants and heavily consumed by the lower classes. I suppose the same is true for today. You would never find those kinds of foods in nature if you could even consider them food. Wild fruits in nature only have around 30% fruit flesh and you would only have access to them at most 6-7 weeks in a year. Wild vegetables taste like absolute crap and you would never consider consuming them without your modern day brainwashing. That's why everyone puts spices and other flavorings on top of them; they taste horrible. That's your natural senses telling you not to eat it.

The mainstream will tell you anything they can to get you to stop eating meat. What they will never tell you is the fun surprises plants have; anti-nutrients like phytic acid, lectins, cyanide, enzyme inhibtors, etc. Plants really don't want you to eat them and so what little nutrition you might have been able to absorb is blocked by anti-nutrients. You eat some seeds and get some sugar but especially seeds, the babies of plants, you get anti-nutrients. They're toxic and all you do is shit it out. Coffee and wheat grass give you stress hormones which you imagine to be energy and in a few years will give you adrenal fatigue. Eat vegetables if you want to have lots of digestive issues.

Now, you might ask why does the mainstream promote 2 fruit 5 vegetable a day? Common sense would get you to look at wild fruits and vegetables and to check their availability in a region to see if it's your natural diet. Your natural diet is literally the best diet you could possibly have. They promote a plant based diet because their plan is to make you a real life malnourished peasant and eventually ban all meat. Most people live 75 or so years around the time they start collecting their pensions but a perfect diet all your life might let you live over 100 in great health.

What do you imagine the elites to look like? They're not wrinkly, fragile, ugly men as the brainwashing would have you believe. They're all tall, large framed, and handsome having the best times of their lives living on an island or compound somewhere

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  • 7 Jul '19

That was fun to read. But if you really want to use that as a standup comedy program, it needs some more work.

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  • 8 Jul '19

Someone look at the oranges of this.

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  • 10 Jul '19

milk is poison