Choose Your Nation's Military

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You get to pick 3 different units to be in your military. Choose wisely.

  1. Lazy's Understaffed Volunteer Army
  2. Jax's Mordhau Marines
  3. DankestMemes' Bread Bombing Stealth Mime Squadron
  4. Roshawn's Cyborg Ninja Collective
  5. Arrowmancer's Necromancers
  6. Smokingbob's Mememaking Battlecats
  7. Carlo_Mano's Android Black Knights
  8. DerFurst's Racist Space WIzards
  9. Vanguard's Red Guards
  10. RebornChief's Mexican Shower Boxers
  11. StevePigeon's Bird Bombers
  12. Afinity's Jedi Knights of the Round Table
  13. SirZombieTheThird's Undead Monobrow Marksmen
  14. Whisper's "Girly Boy" Trappers
  15. Sammy's Augmented Hispanic Sam-moo-rai
  16. CaptainGaymer's Shapeshifting Facestealers
  17. Theodore's Elusive Cosmicats
  18. Havoc's Entire Empty Guild
  19. KingPeasant's Army of Ruthless Peasants
  20. Siege's Suicide Bombing Camel Cavalry
  21. Ranten's Gothic Sallet Salesmen of Death
  22. EmeraldArcher's Cancer Enhancers
  23. Tim_Fragmagnet's Yodeling BAZUSOS
  24. HumbleStaff's Improbable Weapon Masters
  25. Etrius' Genetically Modified Beast Horde
  26. Corsario's Historically Inaccurate Fantasy Warriors
  27. ApatheticDeity's Eldritch Horrors from Swag Dimension 420
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  1. Vangaurd's Red Guards
    Depending on the size of this unit I can throw them at the enemy endlessly and whittle them down

  2. Arr0wmancer's Necromancers
    Arguably the most important unit in my setup, i'll have them back up the Red Guards so that incase of heavy casualties I can revive them all and emulate WW2 once again

  3. Roshawn's Cyborg Ninja Collective
    Use this unit for covert ops like assassination of multiple high ranking officials of enemy army, or use them to destabilize a country

Baroness 470 1272

I'm feeling a definite synergy between Arr0w necromancy, Zombie marksmen, and Ruthless peasants. It sounds like there would be a lot of peasants, so I would spam them, have them all fie, resurrect them with the necromancers, and zerg rush with the marksmen as backup firepower. An all undead army would be theoretically only as small as the number pf undead I'd be able to necromance, so each victory would swell my ranks further.

Edit: yeah, necromancy is OP. I expect it to be the meta.

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  • 4 Jan

Well superior industrial production + huge numbers on both manpower and equipment of the red army makes it quite ideal as a backbone kind of thing, the main force; aided my the shapeshifting facestealers for spies/assassination duty; and finaly, racists space wizards sounds like a real OP airforce to me tbh to support both the red army and the facestealers

I fear no necromancy because assassins could kill and sabotage their thing, and stronk air force should keep them supressed while infinite waves of mad russians take and hold the territories

Ha this war is fucking mine bitches u better surrender tbh

Knight 5575 9321

My unit for guerrilla tactics, Jax's unit for frontline combat and Gaymer's unit for clandestine operations and a potential for infiltrating the lizardmen and using them to our advantage.

Sellsword 3583 3439

I would pick DankestMemes' Bread Bombing Stealth Mime Squadron, Whisper's "Girly Boy" Trappers and RebornChief's Mexican Shower Boxers.
Dankest's and Whisper's units make for the greatest sapper combination. Reborn's unit will be sent as cannon fodder, distraction and luring while the trapsmiths set a deadly scenario in which they aim to wipe out both the enemy and the Reborn unit.

Count 3291 6914
  • 4 Jan

My Racist Space Wizards are excellent air units that can nullify "black" magic such as necromancy, putting a limit on how many zombies can be continually re-raised in each army. They shoot runic SS lightning bolts at ground targets while soaring through the air.

Emerald's Cancer Enhancers are the most skilled, and cancerous, ranged unit available. They're excellent at demoralizing the enemy, often making entire armies outright quit. They are, however, weak at melee, but that's assuming you could get close enough.

Afinity's Jedi Knights of the Round Table have excellent melee skills, can sense any trap or danger, and can see through disguises. They synergize greatly with the Cancer Enhancers, keeping enemies out of range while negating the effects of sappers.

Baron 1226 1595
  • 4 Jan

Like arr0wmanc3r, I think combining zombie marksmen and necromancers is a good thing, and I'd use Shapeshifting Facestealers for reckon and black ops.

Conscript 6250 7593
  • 4 Jan
 Sir Zombie

Roshawn's ninjas or the faceshifters would counter the necromancer/zombie combo imho
Space-wizards are invincible as far as I know and the only thing that can kill them are other space wizards
And Cancer Enchancers to ensure that my wizards will win against other wizards. (If they actually enchance shit and not are just archers)

Baroness 6089 6972
  • 4 Jan

Havoc's empty army.
Roshawn's Ninja Collective
Reborn's Mexican shower boxers.

Count 3291 6914
  • 4 Jan

@SirZombiethe3rd said:
Space-wizards are invincible as far as I know and the only thing that can kill them are other space wizards

Get creative with the abilities of odd units. Perhaps the Improbable Weapon Masters have interdimensional pole flails. Historically Inaccurate Fantasy Warriors are often capable of taking out wizards with enchanted weapons. That, and the Cosmicats might just have more powerful magic, if you can convince them to help you. They require massive amounts of attention and treats, and aren't consistent in their power usage, though.

Baron 1226 1595
  • 4 Jan

3 steps extermination:

-Use StevePigeon's Bird Bombers to throw massive ammounts of asbestos
-EmeraldArcher's Cancer Enhancers do their deed and give fatal cancer within minutes
-Either Roshawn's Cyborg Ninja Collective or my own Androids Black Kights who are immune to cancer finish the survivors

Baroness 6089 6972
  • 4 Jan

DerFurst please give me Knights instead of Samurai I am triggered.


Count 3075 4984

The core thing in my army will be havoc's empty guild.
Emeralds cancer archers will hide behind the empty guild so they will be invisible and able to take the whole ennemy army by surprise (i also add the Sammy unit so i can smile at them in a umiliating manner while they agonize)

Sellsword 3583 3439

Yep my unit is equiped with adaptable interdimensional flails, semiautomatic plasma slings with spread shot alternate mode of fire, void shields and enthropic atomical morphing quarterstaves.

Baron 1177 1044

make me be able to create horrifying abominations and scientific monstrositys.
also weed powers

Knight 2239 3669

Assuming I only have to win 1 battle,

1) Siege's Suicide Bombing Camel Cavalry. 1 crazy mofo defending his land > any kind of space-magic cuckery tbh

2) The Cancer Enhancers used as elite ranged units / snipers. They will be deployed along the flanks of a battle, concealing themselves and shooting into the enemy's sides while targeting their necromancers and other important forces.

3) Jax's Mordhau Marines used as grunt field troops because they have moar boolet and do real good, son.

If I have to regulate this force and keep it in good condition, I would just swap out the Suicide Bombing Camel Cavalry for...

Tim's Yodeling BAZUSOS because each one will be able to HIT 30 MEN WITH HIS AXE