Mordhau is Cancelled

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  • 3 Jan

What do you do?

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  • 3 Jan

Molotovs, molotovs everywhere

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Play Bannerlord.

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Call up my nigga Lazy so we can plan intercontinental school shootings that take place on the same day.

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Sell the idea to another developer for cash money.

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  • 3 Jan

@Smokingbobs said:
Sell the idea to another developer for cash money.

Inb4 a new For Honor cause the dev realises how much work a detailed combat system like this would be and sells out to a publisher.

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not care too much and look forward to Halo 3 Anniversary's release on PC

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Play Bannerlord or squad, maybe rising storm 2, and some killing floor 2, oh yeah and some rising storm 2, and oh yeah continue working on a source mod, and oh yeah yeah

or not play games

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  • 4 Jan

I'll play Verdun but if I die in-game I'll kill myself.

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Lament for the death of one of the greatest games that could have ever existed for the rest of my fucking life.

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The only alternative would be bannerlord.

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  • 4 Jan

I'd send an apple pie to Marox and Crush to bring them joy and motivation so they would cancel their cancelling.

If they cancel again, I send another apple pie. With cyanide.

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  • 4 Jan
 Sir Zombie

Try to find a copy of Slasher and play that instead

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Start the 10th crusade67497298.jpg

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Is it really cancelled or is this a joke?

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  • 2 Mar
 Sir Zombie

Just a very spicy meme imho.

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Hello and welcome. No it's not canceled, don't worry.
Also aparently the kickstarter is truly very very close so stay tuned.