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  • 2 Jan

I've seen basically two kinds of achievements in games: ones that track the player's overall progress in a game, commonly found in story-based games; and ones that reward the player for doing something difficult and situational (such as killing x enemies with 1 use of ability y), found in multiplayer games. I don't especially enjoy either of these, as the first kind is simply given to you for getting so far in a game, and the second is more random than skill based. I think it would be better to have statistic-based achievements that represent how good a player actually is. For example, one such achievement could be 'get a win rate of 70% in duels after at least 50 matches'. This way the player doesn't get it for simply winning their first duel, they can't randomly get it without trying, and it actually says something about their skill. I feel like this approach would make the achievements much more enjoyable and long-lasting, especially for a 100%er like me.

PS: Dev team, you're doing some great work here and I really appreciate the effort, but it's been ~2 years now since I finished the last good swordplay game I found, and I NEED Mordhau soon.

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something like Halo 3's two for one achievement or chiv's double decap would be good