We need more shield diversity

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  • 2 Jul '19

Hello there,

Shields (i dont care about if its OP or not, that's not the subjet here) are iconics of medieval warfare, so i think it could be rly nice to have more shields ; cosmetics, skins, or new items...
Plus, shields should have offensive use, we should be able to broke some teeth with it !

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  • 2 Jul '19

Provide examples you weirdo

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sumthing similar to cmw's buckler shield face bash for round shields and maybe just a straight forward knock back move for the others to combat the 2 free hit shield nerf would be a great start, lets see how much the others like getting stun spammed every time they go to use a certain wep...

Conscript 959 1939
  • 2 Jul '19

stop crying about diversity you sjw!!

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  • 3 Jul '19

How about less shitposting from the three of you?

But regardless, there's a wide diversity when it comes to swords, axes and blunt instruments, but as for our five different types of shield, there's hardly none.

There is the Pavise shield that is strictly used to counter ranged weapons. Targe and Buckler that is just another parry and then there is Heater and Kite that hardly has any difference between each other.

I wouldn't mind seeing a tower shield or the type of round shield that vikings use.

There needs to be more diversity in terms of how a shield statistically functions, not just in the way they look.

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  • 3 Jul '19

I doubt the devs would ad a "Tower Shield" as as dar as I know they didn't exist in history. But I think we should get more shields as well. Where is my rotella? Viking shield? Square buckler?