Why do NA servers only support 24v24 while EU supports 32v32

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  • 29 Jun

I was wondering why when connecting in NA servers, in my case US Central I can only get into 24 versus 24 games. Despite all tooltips saying is Frontline is 64 players. However when connecting to any other region I easily find 32v32 servers. Why is this any different for NA?

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Try the server browser. If you still don't see any, turn off the filters.

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As a EU player, trust me when I say you're not missing out on anything. The 64p servers - while admittedly having fairly good latency for such a large amount of players compared to similar games - are a mindless clusterfuck, featuring non-stop barrages of teammate maul headshots and cavalry insta-deaths from all directions.

I would kill for some more 10p, 16p, 24p servers even if Front-line wasn't designed for that. 99% of all populated servers in EU are either Contraband duels or 64p Front-line spamfests.

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  • 30 Jun

There is some hardware issues with the NA servers, the devs are looking into it.