A suggestion for Mace

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  • 29 Jun

I do think the mace is good "as-is", even with the 'special' attack which is to just throw it.

Although I had an idea of replacing that special with something else;
Two-Handed Overhead attack, almost dead center.

This attack will be a bit slower, but will have slightly more reach and give more damage, should be able to one-hit light helmet with.

Knight 7577 13875
  • 29 Jun

no lmao mace is really fucking good for its point cost

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  • 30 Jun

It would be hard to make another one handed blunt weapon without giving it a intended purpose or advantage/disadvantage over other blunt weapons,
and since the Mace is already a very reliable 2 HtK to the torso versus tier 3, kind of weapon, only comes with the drawback of being slow with short range.

So what would a step up from a 2 HtK torso vs tier 3? That's already pretty good, so what is next? a 1 HtK for a one hander seems a little too much, but I suppose a strike to the head could deal so much that it always secures that a simple thrust to any part of the body could be a kill, making it more maneuverable.

What would the weapon even look like? something like a Maul hammer head but with a much shorter shaft so its only wielded in one hand? should it be slower?