Automate reporting

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  • 28 Jun

There's an old thread suggesting a hotkey that opens a trouble ticket interface. I suggest something similar, specialized for reporting abuse in a way that's useful to the moderators: a click or two would bring up a reporting form already filled in with player name, player Steam ID, server name, the last minute or so of chat history, and the name and Steam ID of the player making the report. I imagine that would reduce the number of reports that aren't actionable because information is missing, and make like easier on the moderators. It would also make it possible to communicate with the moderators, without having to leave the game.

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Yep, we need some sort of report form or saving kick reasons.

Knight 7709 14196
  • 11 Jul

I'm cool with this, but i'm far more concerned with them adding more content and balancing the game. Unless this can be done with little time investment, this shouldn't be a high priority.

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yea don't get me wrong, I'd like a few new maps and a bit of weapons balancing but griefing is imo by far the biggest issue right now.