Add a perk that increases weapon switch speed and fall recovery speed.

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A perk that reduces the time it takes to switch weapons and maybe also reduces the time it takes to stand up after falling (from your horse, bear trap, etc).
Would probably only cost one point.

Knight 33 56

i upvote this, but maybe as separated perks.

God Emperor 90 521

Yes there's very little incentive to carry 2 melee weapons at the moment. If you could switch to a dagger even faster it would be even more effective.

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  • 28 Jun

The dagger switch if you are already carrying a two-handed weapon is a pretty popular chesee move, imagine if you could equip it even faster than you already can. Could be abused.

God Emperor 90 521

Using dagger is a huge range tradeoff for speed. When you try to facehug someone you risk getting kicked because they know you need to facehug with it. So, an indirect buff through a perk is fine considering the stamina drain against against other weapons.