My Frustrations with this game in it's current state

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  • 26 Jun '19

Right now i cannot have fun in this game unless i am dueling or scrimming. I have SO many problems with this game compared to chiv. Bravo on the combat but literally everything else just burns me out of the game so fast.

  1. Why are the maps so small and claustrophobic, did you design them for chiv 24p TO or something? SO many chokepoints 24/7

  2. Relating to point 1, why is there collision on literally everything like small rocks, logs on the ground so spaces are even SMALLER? i should not be getting stuck on things in what seems like an open area where team fights are supposed to happen

  3. Relating to both point 1 and 2, why have so many mechanics been implemented with no thought to them and how it makes the maps play even WORSE. Engineers are a blight with ballistas as they find the most cancer spots possible to set up and just keep clicking, fire pots are too spammable and make a clustered space even smaller with no punishment or basically any cool down on their ability to do it again. I don't even need to talk about horses for people to know my frustration with them as they need a huge rework and people have suggested many fixes. Horses do not belong on any of these maps except maybe camp due to its size, and they should not be allowed to access EVERY part of the map.

  4. Relating to engineer ballistas, if you won't remove buildable ballistas at least make the model some what smaller so archers have an easier time sniping them from a distance instead of it being a full frontal shield unless you hit the EXACT pixel. The engineer had to do fuck all to build it while the archer works hard to even get him off it.

  5. Spears are the most annoying thing to fight in Frontline especially in gank squads and i can't figure out if it's their sheer reach or speed but i feel it should at least be looked at as they seem to be able to stab me after i've just started a riposte off them and am switching target. Maybe it's because of the fast stab PLUS it already starting inside you whereas with other weapons you have that extra second to parry after you land your hit on the switch. Sometimes it makes me miss trading as you could punish gamblers who just kept attacking with a nice wack to the face but the 1v1 and team play in competitive combat is better off without it.

  6. Once again i will emphasise maps. I hope you plan to rework most of them to be larger or fix all these other points or i feel Frontline just won't ever be worth playing. If there are horses on the new maps roaming around city streets with no fixes the novelty of a new map will wear off fast. Make maps that are designed with horses in mind, and some with none at all. This will keep the game feeling fresh and like you get a break from constant spam every few maps or so.

  7. Sound is pretty barebones atm and needs a huge overhaul, not just small fixes and additions. I hope you look to chivalry for this as they have a load of sound files you can look at to see just how they did things so sound was like a radar that every player could use to be aware of their surroundings.

  8. The maps for duels and skirmish as well do not fit very well which is surprising since they're pretty simple formulas. Not enough room to spread out and there's random obstacles everywhere for duels in servers with any more then like 12 players.

Generally i'm pretty chill with this game but what is supposed to be the main mode is actually just a clusterfuck of random mechanics in maps not designed for said mechanics and player counts and the other maps are sub-par when compared to chivalry and i hope they get some love too not just the main mode maps.

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  • 26 Jun '19

It frustrates me that they sacrifice both map detail and performance for the sake of pointlessly adding more players.

Had they just kept it 16v16 they could make entire villages with npcs with dialogue ques of their own and shit. Something like this would totally fix the glaring black hole that is the lore and atmosphere of Mordhau...

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  • 26 Jun '19

I'm new to the melee genre (pretty much only played FPS games like CS for the last ~15 years of my life) so perhaps I can provide the opinion of a newer player. First of all, I love the game. Every part of me wants to improve at it and I'm starting to journey into the competitive scene.

I agree that most of my satisfaction in the game comes from dueling and seeing improvement and progress. Initially, I didn't find Frontline fun at all. As I've improved as a player, I now find it okay for trying to practice/learn "1vX" and generally just slaughtering people.

I agree with OP on pretty much all of his points. I don't want to tell people how to play the game or how it should be, but I play Mordhau for the melee combat. I don't really care about horses EXCEPT for the fact that they seem to be a nuisance which interrupt 70% of the fights I have, usually when I'm really enjoying them.

I wish something could be done about the flinching. For some reason - teammates especially - love riding directly into a fight and basically ruin it for me. I usually get flinched and it's just downright not enjoyable. I'm here to fight people with melee stuff and the firepots/horses/catapults/ballistas simply get in my way of doing that, which is why I don't enjoy frontline as much as I probably could.

I know that's still very much saying "cater the game to what I want" but I'm simply stating my opinion on it. I can easily stick to dueling or playing scrims but it seems like a bit of a shame and I wish I could have more fun in frontlines.

I 100% agree about the map design and getting stuck on random shit. It's my #1 pet peeve in games, I can't count how many times I've missed out on a kill or died because I've suddenly gotten stuck on a tiny little rock no bigger than my feet, or god forbid permanently stuck in a tree.

The game is awesome and has such potential but it'd be great if some of these things could be looked at.

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  • 26 Jun '19

give sdk pls

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  • 26 Jun '19

I only have 150h play time but I noticed the same issues. I have not been very vocal about them because I haven't reached the frustration point yet.

In spite of all of this, Mordhau's melee is revolutionary, while almost every other gameplay aspect is mediocre at best.