Score screen design changes suggestion(mockup)

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  • 26 Jun

This has been a continual beef with me, the end round screens are largely fluff and devoid of information. It would be useful if it could
1) Display round recap data
2) Display next map vote
3) Display progress(XP+Gold)
4) Continue chat during cycle until map load

This is my quick mockup. I also think there should be an additional score column for "Objective Points" and the score in frontline should be sorted by that to encourage objective play.


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Along with an objective points column, it would also be nice if another column showed total team damage for that round.. so you can see who the careless team damaging nitwits are.

Knight 652 995
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  • 11 Jul

It was pointed out to me currently the map vote order is fixed, leading to the potential for people to 'default click' vote the first or centered map. Map order during voting should be randomized client-side so people actually pick a map they want or their vote is effectively randomized if they always just click "the center one".

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  • 24 Jul

Current problems with the existing score screens:

  • We don't need animated views consisting entirely of a progress bar filling up (XP to level).
  • The total added to both gold and XP should be displayed as a total rather than a countdown (+XXX)
  • Chat should remain active between rounds where available for "gg's" and continued round banter.
  • The scoreboard should remain up until the next map load-in for review.
  • There should be an objective score column in Frontline, and the scoreboard should be sorted by it.