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Unable to play Frontline, can someone help?

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  • 24 Jun '19

I have a GTX 1070 4G, I7, and an SSD. Despite this, even when putting my settings way down, I still can't play frontline without horrible frame drops.

Now, this is the strange thing:

All other game modes are FINE. Even HORDE, the game mode with the most amount of entities on the map.

So my question is simple: How do I fix the frame drops I'm having with Frontline?

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  • 24 Jun '19

Your machine is trying to save you from making a mistake

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  • 25 Jun '19

I was having trouble with FPS in frontline and Roag’s guide really helped boost my fps. Although, after performing about 90% of his suggestions I was still getting stuttering issues both audio and video. Turning FXAA completely off seemed to solve the stuttering issues and now my fps usually fluctuates between 50-60. Sometimes I’ll hit a spike and it will drop into the 40’s but honestly I don’t even really notice it most of the time. Before I followed the guide frontline was basically unplayable. Here’s the link, hope it helps.

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  • 25 Jun '19

this is the millionth thread on this,
the game is optimized like shit for 64man servers. Just play duels, or buy an godtier cpu.