Toolbox Alt-fire

Knight 25 20
  • 24 Jun

Give the toolbox an alt fire where you can throw a bunch of sand in front of you to put out fire pots, 1 or 2 ammo per throw. Gives engineer more utility and makes firepot spam less of a hassle for the rest of the team.

I like firepots and don't mind them being strong but they need to have some sort of counter. It's better then just making them weaker and weaker over time.

90 78
  • 24 Jun

Patch 9 be like; Waterpots added!

Though interestingly, you can 'sometimes' use a smokepot to save your buildings from burning up.

528 282
  • 24 Jun

Smoke bombs already do this and I don't think it's fitting for the toolbox either. I'm open to more building, but the toobox might have enough for one item.

Knight 25 20
  • 25 Jun

Oh I didn't realise smoke bombs already do that, my bad.
I just really want buildy classes to have a bit more utility and support potential.

I had another idea which is a bit outlandish, but what if toolbox could build a one way zip line that your team can use to get to the frontline/get over obstacles quicker?
Builder would have to build both points of the zip line and obviously users could only go down it on a negative gradient (angle of gradient could also affect how fast you slide down).
Would kinda work like the engineers tele from team fortress 2
It's hard to say how useful it would be on some maps/possibly unbalanced for spawns starting on a low ground.

Tbh I'm just dying for this mysterious siege mode hahaha