My Suggestion on improving bow gameplay mechanics, and satisfaction.

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  • 24 Jun

Hello Fellow medieval knights and peasants, i am an archer some of you may hate me(a lot probably).

I come today bearing a suggestion for bows, which are currently not very fun to play, rewarding, or satisfying.

Currently the three bow's in mordhau have very slow projectile speed, and only alright damage, i understand that this is to keep bows
from feeling oppressive and overpowered in a game whos main selling point is swordplay and melee combat and not archery.
However, some of us do enjoy archery and would normally gain great satisfaction from making long range calculated shots. those of us who play archer are probably the same crowd that played sniper in Battlefield 4 or Arma 3.

When i play archer i feel as though im just spamming arrows into a crowd, or shooting at someones general direction because its currently impossible to accurately shoot at someone further then 5 feet in-front of you reliably,
And even when we do land a long range shot often it is unrewarding and unsatisfying. So i have come up with a list of a few simple changes that i hope could solve this current Problem.

  1. Significantly Increase Arrow velocity, And have it taper off(Slow Down) as the Projectile travels

  2. Replace the current Static damage of arrows, Make the damage of Bows ranged based to encourage long range shots, and reward players for making such long range shots, while punishing point blank shooting of arrows, and keeping it a viable option to close distance to an archer
    (Example) Longbow Base Damage 20+20 Damage every 10 Meters the arrow travels.

  3. Remove or Change the huntsman perk,
    I understand that in Chivalry that archers couldn't effectively engage each-other because they would just hide after being shot and heal up back to full, and the huntsman perk giving guaranteed kills is meant to remedy that problem. Currently this perk is a must take and if you dont you are just simply at a large disadvantage against other archers. With the second change i suggested it should be normal for the time an arrow reach's another archer for it to be carrying enough damage potential to instantly kill them anyway.

, Perhaps changing it to something such as -25% Draw Time, would be less of a must pick

4.Make it possible to release an arrow without fully drawing a bow, receiving both a penalty to damage and range.

TLDR: Reward Archers for making successful long range shots, Whilst also making it satisfying by making it more skill dependent and less Luck reliant

if you have any thoughts please leave them down below im very interested in what everyone has to say about this.

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  • 24 Jun

Sooo... you want to reward archers for camping as far back as possible instead of actively playing at the front or in the second row in order to support his teammates?
That will kill a whole playstyle, cause more teamdamage and... yeah. No.
That is a VERY bad idea.

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  • 24 Jun

Archery is underwhelming.

Only idea I really like (and think is very needed) is faster velocity and distance taper, I think this would cause the dmg output to feel less terrible whilst not making it OP.

Rewarding consecutive hits is better than one hit kills and still gives enemy's time to react to the fact they are being engaged.

I also dislike the huntsman perk being in the game. Change it to %40 faster weapon switch from ranged to encourage archers to be more comfortable coming close to melee.

Archers being close is better for gameplay I think.

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  • 24 Jun

My current preferred Archery load-out is 1/1/1 Recurve/Arming Sword/Heater shield With Ranger And friendly.
The way i currently play is i sit just behind the front line in any objective(like 10feet behind my allies) Harassing enemy melee
And attempting to finish of weakened enemies who have backed away to heal.
Even with me being so close, i sadly accumulate more kills by baiting people into overextending to try and kill a "Defenseless
Archer", They either get Surrounded by friendlies or just melee'd by me.

We are fortunate to have multiple bow types, which can support multiple archery play styles. i believe Recurve and Crossbow's should be effective in close/medium range support. while longbow's should be effective in long range sniping, and being rewarded for making successful long range attacks.
I do enjoy the weapon swap speed idea.

Also yes Archers should be punished for playing in literally the front row of combat. @Esturias

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  • 25 Jun

crossbow seems a lot better than bows