Vote Kick System needs to be Improved

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  • 23 Jun

Would like to see the vote kick system improved and changed. Right now, it's too easy for bitter/salty players to kick whomever they want. For example, I accidentally team killed a player in a recent game. I apologized immediately and moved on with the game. Soon after, the vote kick started and the victim and his buddy started saying how I intentionally team killed etc, etc. Fortunately, our other teammates seemed to realize that I was actually contributing to the game and majority voted no.

The 2 bitter players then started ranting for 10 minutes about why I should be kicked. Meanwhile this whole time I was top 4 on the scoreboard and hadn't team killed anyone since. After the chat spam, they then decided to just team kill me until they could start another vote kick. So they not only started to TK me intentionally, but they then started another vote kick and this time I was not so lucky and kicked from the game.

What I would suggest as a change would be to add a team damage percentage when a vote is started (Chivalry had this I believe). You could even add the number of teammates killed when the vote is started as too. At least give others on your team the ability to make an informed decision before just blindly taking the word of trolls or bitter players.

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I'm really curious to see what will be done about this. People suggested a ton of possibilities already.

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  • 11 Jul

We already got many suggestions to improve this (and everything else that needs improvements), it's rather pointless to bring it up again and again when there is no communication with the devs. Just wait and see what happens.

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Don't you think it's a bit fucked up that nobody replied in 2 weeks? We already know, sure, but this should put some kind of pressure on devs to fix it if more active topics and discussion revolves around vote kick. Yes, there are many suggestions and this is just a first hand experience. Still I felt bad for the guy not even getting a single reply. Not sure if he's going to post again. I've been mashing up the feedback forums and I'm sorry for that. I try to be productive though and topics I bump deserve to be seen in my opinion. There are too many active threads about removing horses or shields or stuff like that, that has been requested over and over. Also votekicks and teamkilling come up frequently. I just thought I'd read some older threads and show them to everyone here.