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FPS drops and conjstant screen tearing for no reason

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  • 21 Jun '19

So I usually get 110-150 fps on frontlines mode with all setting on ultra, but since June 16th for some reason i cant get about 80 fps with constant screen tearing... i dont know what happen to cause this or if there was any new update that would cause this. Any feedback that could help solve this problem is appreciated, the game is basically unplayable in its current state.

GPU: 1070 TI
CPU: Intel i9-9900k
RAM: 16g

Knight 627 2068
  • 21 Jun '19

For some reason, people have reported that reverting your settings to the default and changing them back to whatever you want fixes the framerate issues. It seems to have worked for me as well, though I did not run an extensive test or anything; I just eyed the FPS counter. I gained about 20 frames, but it could have been circumstancial. Either way, it is worth a try.