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Potential Kickstarter goal: Art/Level design devs travel to Jerusalem

Knight 1079 1881
  • 23 Dec '16

Pay for the devs to travel to jerusalem so they can make an acurate Jerusalem Mordhau map. You know you want it.

King 2755 3367
  • 3
  • 23 Dec '16


You're missing a "G"

Baron 1226 1590
  • 23 Dec '16

I liek the travel idea but Jerusalem wouldn't be my first choice for a destination. A trip through Europe would be more insteresting.

Guédelon caslte in France for instance. It has been built in modern times but only with ancient technique

Count 1423 3240
  • 23 Dec '16

While this sounds very nice, I'm pretty sure there are better investment options.

Knight 741 681
  • 23 Dec '16

We can send them pictures from google instead

Knight 5575 9306

Yes, go to the home of the lizards and eradicate them.

Knight 15 15

This kind of stretch goal would mostly serve to delay the game's development rather than enhance it.