1H Weapon Stamina Drain Negation being good makes Parry-Shields seem not worth it

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  • 19 Jun '19

The existence of the buckler and targe for me made sense when I thought that one-handed weapons were actually getting a lot of stamina from using them and were able to compete with two-handed weapons in stamina battles because of them, but after looking at the stats, I have lost faith in that idea.

Below is a list of weapons that you can use with a buckler/targe in a loadout grouped by Stamina Drain Negation. For reference, the Longsword and Zweihander have been added to the list in their respective spots on the list.

  • 13 Stamina Drain Negation: Buckler, Bastard Sword, Mace, Messer. Zweihander.
  • 12 Stamina Drain Negation: Targe, Axe, Falchion, Heavy Hand Axe, Short Spear. Longsword.
  • 11 Stamina Drain Negation: Arming Sword, Black Smith Hammer, Warhammer.
  • 10: Rapier.
  • 8: Wooden Mallet.
  • 7: Cleaver, Shortsword.
  • 6: Dagger.

Higher point-cost weapons do not benefit from the buckler in any fashion aside from being able to parry at 0 stamina once and not be defenseless, which really isn't that big of a deal considering how rarely that happens and that it takes so long to do that your fight would often be interrupted, and because you'd get a lot of stamina back from hitting someone, which you should be able to do with the fast, lightweight weapons that you're using. One extra bit of stamina is negligible. Two points of stamina is considerable but not worth spending that many points on when they could instead invest in perks or armor. For the rest, it might be worth it, but then you're running some weird build using a Cleaver as your primary weapon (I don't blame you, I do that) when you could be just using a Bastard Sword and getting more damage and greater range with just as much defense.

I'm not sure what to think about this actually, in terms of how to resolve it. Buffing those shields would make some sense, and it would certainly get more people using sword and board, but perhaps too many people would switch and things would still be homogenous. Not a lot of people use onehanded weapons, and nerfing them won't help, but it doesn't sit well with me that a one-handed mace blocks things easier than a two-handed longsword.

Maybe I'm missing something.

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  • 19 Jun '19

I actually agree with you on this. The targe and buckler feel very redundant right now.

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  • 19 Jun '19

They could be buffed for sure, but the 30 stam gain on disarm is actually very significant. Combined e.g. with Bastard Sword, which almost gives you free hits at times, it allows you to survive far longer than you can on any other loadout. It's not viable in FL mostly because you need to kill people quickly in that swarm of gamblers.

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  • 19 Jun '19

If you are quick to grab the buckler, you can effectively have infinite stamina.

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  • 19 Jun '19

Give them offensive capabilities

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  • 19 Jun '19

@Mojique said:
it doesn't sit well with me that a one-handed mace blocks things easier than a two-handed longsword.

Maybe I'm missing something.

The mace would have more mass, meaning you have to put less of your own energy into it to deflect the attack. But then I donno why longsowrd would still be worse than bastard sword at stamina.

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  • 19 Jun '19

i agree

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The point of parry shields have always been the 30 stam gain and not losing your weapon upon being disarmed, not the drain reduction.

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  • 19 Jun '19

@Mojique said:
but it doesn't sit well with me that a one-handed mace blocks things easier than a two-handed longsword.

Maybe I'm missing something.

Are you basing that observation on stam characteristics alone or on something else? Reason I ask is I sometimes run the 1H Mace for luls and whacky-inflatable-tube-man overhead feints and aways feel like the parry window for blocking incoming attacks with that weapon is extremely generous relative to using a 2H weapon like a Maul or Billhook. Could just be my imagination though.

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  • 19 Jun '19

I thought the parry shields had a wider hitbox?

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  • 20 Jun '19

This is mostly fair.

Shields are still nice to have for blocking projectiles, and to have an expendable thing to lose. That said, they are not the improvement one might expect.