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Footstep Sounds are Broken

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  • 19 Jun '19

This is probably my biggest gripe with Mordhau since the beginning.

Some people say there's nothing wrong with the sound, but I figured I would actually take some time and use some of my non-existent video editing skills and capture some semblance of what's visually/audibly wrong with the footsteps.

Video Demonstration/Proof


  • Pacing of the footstep sounds do not match up with the feet animations. It's almost as if the sound is played only every other step
  • The volume of the various sounds do not match up with where the sound is produced. Someone stepping on wood far away can be, and often is, louder than someone walking on dirt right in front of you.
  • Sounds that are occluded do not sound occluded, makes it hard to tell if footsteps are coming from behind a wall or some where else.

I'm not sure what the state is of this getting fixed, but I would super appreciate knowing that at the least the devs at least know of this issue and are looking to resolve it.

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  • 19 Jun '19

Been an issue since alpha afaik.

Also Footsteps offscreen just don't get rendered by the cpu. The devs have not responded about this and there's been multiple threads on this topic since release.

Duke 554 950
  • 19 Jun '19

Seems like most ue4 games have this issue.

Conscript 1004 2022
  • 19 Jun '19

I really like this video editing.

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  • 19 Jun '19

I'll just add my piece here and say it's really frustrating not hearing people behind you sometimes -especially given- there is a perk which is supposed to reduce foot step volume, even though it is absolutely unused and useless (Except for the crouch speed but.. why would you want that?)

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  • 19 Jun '19

The sounds are pretty bad in general. No footsteps, making running from enemies quite ridiculous. Firebombs not making any sound (or having a shine to the spot of fire they create) either. Only every other projectile shot somewhere around you makes a sound.