Sellsword 699 2198
  • 18 Jun

Be me:

-Open up discord for the first time in a week.
-Unread notification.
-OMG it's a Mordhau announcment!
-Could it be a new update? Fixes to maps or frontline? I'm so excited to find out!


777 1029

This is good publicity. Very good. This is the type of thing that put chivalry on the map and made it look like tons of fun to millions.

I just wish they waited until next update to do this cause atm game's got issues

Knight 7678 14083
  • 19 Jun

the entire thing was a shitshow, giru stomped everyone and the people casting the event had no idea what the fuck they were talking about

777 1029

Why the fuck was giru even in the tournament? He's been playing since slasher and helped design the mechanics.... Really just a pathetic attention whore. Shameful display, as usual.

Like imagine if a Chivalry developer entered the Chiv deadliest warrior youtuber tournament and won. That is basically what happened here. Totally retarded.