Script to let you have a forum signature

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  • 18 Jun '19

Forum signatures are cool, but this forum doesn't have them yet. As a workaround I made a tampermonkey script to automatically include your own signature with each post. If this is against the rules, I am sorry, please delete the thread and forgive me.

This is great if you want to advertise your servers etc. but try not abuse it. Keep them fairly short.

Steps to use this

  • Install tampermonkey
  • Click the tampermonkey icon right of the address bar or in the top your browsers settings dropdown
  • Click create a new script and put this in it
  • Replace the line "I have a signature" with whatever you want. This follows the same formatting as a regular forum post.
  • Hit File > Save or CTRL + S and you're done.

You can remove or disable it at any time. Your signature will be appended to the bottom of every post unless it is already there.
To change the breaker between your post and the signature, modify the contents of the line with signatureBreak on it.

Also make sure there is always at least one linebreak between the end of your post and your signature when writing posts.

I have a signature

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  • 15 Jul '19

Thats lit.

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