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Can't create dedicated server

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  • 17 Jun '19

I did everything according to how i was supposed to be, but it says "LogModuleManager: Loading module PerfCounters" at the end and doesn't load from there no matter how much i wait

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  • 17 Jun '19

after waiting for at least 20 minutes it said "[915]LogPackageName: SearchForPackageOnDisk took 0.175s to resolve FFA_ThePit.
LogGameMode: Error: CanServerTravel: FURL :7778//Game/Mordhau/Maps/ThePit/FFA_ThePit?Name=Player?listen blocked, contains : or \"
still not working though.

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  • 17 Jun '19

What OS and server specs are you running?

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  • 4 Oct '19

Edit the Mordhau/Config/DefaultEngine.ini file, find the following line:

change the map path here, so that it points to one of the maps that you defined in MapRotation

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  • 24 Jan

Hi, I'm also running into this problem but stuff may have changed since this post was created. i tried to go into the Engine.ini but it just appears empty. I checked my ports and can't see why it would be something wrong there but don't really know as different routers have different UI. about the only other thing that could be wrong is that the Mordhau game directory is different from my dedicated server directory.