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Attack not inputting

8 4
  • 16 Jun '19

I am having issues with attacks not being inputted or recognised by the server. For example, i will scroll and nothing will happen causing me to not chamber and getting hit. This happens 1/10 times I scroll. I have tried 4 different mice (2 G403s, 1 G502 and a Roccat EMP) and different USB ports. Is this perhaps a issue that anyone knows about? Any suggestions on fixing it?

Scroll - nothing
Scroll - nothing
Scroll - finally stabs after 3rd attempt.

111 97
  • 16 Jun '19

I have this problem too.

i spam stab now to make sure it happens.

ive learned to just live with it.

only one of my friends claims the same problem, rest just say "get gud"

if you find evidence or a solution it would be good to know.

i believe this has been mentioned in another thread somewhere

Knight 6 1
  • 17 Jun '19

I have the same problem, it happens also with normal LMB strikes, or even with RMB parries - but I notice most often with stabs (so scrollwheel up in my case)

it might be lag or something like that? I am usually between 50 and 80 ping, maybe it spikes sometimes and makes the game "forget" my input for a few milliseconds?