Map Change Disconnects

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Wondering if any other server owners are having a similar issue with losing a chunk of players on map change. This seems to have only started occurring after the last patch - this did not occur before. I started noticing it after I set up a 24/7 Crossroads server. Here's a gif of what it looks like seeing all disconnect messages in chat:

Of course, many of you will say these are players simply leaving after the end of a game, which is normal, but they all leave about at the same time and it's right before the map changes.

A couple of things about my servers: I host them all on the same machine, I have three servers active at the same time. Each of them have a unique port, query port, and beacon port.

Has anyone else been noticing this? Thanks!

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  • 15 Jun

I also noticed this happening when using a locally hosted windows server for testing.