Counters to horsemen

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  • 14 Jun

Simple, historically spearmen were a pretty solid counter against everything but the heaviest cavalry.

Players with kite shield or larger are able to crouch and brace (bonus kicks in after being crouched and not moving for X seconds)
In this position, an infantryman can take a direct hit from a horseman and NOT be knocked on his back, NOT lose his shield

Add to this, spearmen who are braced (with our without a shield) should be able to insta kill any horse that charges them, OR at the very least, the horse should rear up, refusing to continue on with a charge into obvious death.

Further down the road, id be fine with making some more dynamic
Armored horses = heavy cavalry which is STILL able to punch through braced spearmen, but taking damage in the process.
But should be noticeably slower than unarmored horses.

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I like the spear bracing idea.

But i donno man, doesn't seem like anyone around here is serious about making horses less casual garbage